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You Should Eliminate These Five Bad Habits After Eating Your Meals, Especially Number Four!


Many people like to lay down and watch something after they’ve had a meal, but this habit is actually very harmful for the overall health.

Here, we’re going to present you 5 things you should never do immediately after lunch or dinner:


People nowadays know how harmful smoking can be, but they still can’t quit this terrible habit. People especially do it after a meal. You must know that it’s very important to wait for several hours after a meal and then smoke a cigarette. This is because cigarettes contain nicotine that can bind to the excess of oxygen which is essential for digestion. They allow the body to absorb more carcinogens than usual. There are some studies which claim that smoking right after a meal equals to smoking 10 cigarettes at once. Another bad thing is that this can also increase your risk of lung and bowel cancer.

Eat Fruit

You always need to consume fruit prior to deciding to have a lunch and not after due to the fact fruit needs special digestive system enzymes in order that it can be broken down into the system. Our system needs additional time to absorb the natural sugars that this fresh fruit offers.

In case you consume fresh fruit after lunch, you might experience heartburn, burping or have acid reflux. If you eat it just before you have consumed your lunch; you will give your body plenty of fiber, sugar and numerous nutrients.


Going to bed right after having a meal will cause bloating, discomfort and sleeping problems. According to a study from the University of Ioannina Medical School, people who waited for a longer period of time to go to bed after having a meal, had less risk of experiencing a stroke. Try not to eat at least a few hours before going to sleep.


During bath or shower, blood flow in your legs, hands, fingers and also the entire body gets improved. However, the blood circulation within our stomach gets reduced considerably. This is known as worsening of the digestive tract and becomes ineffective. That triggers numerous stomach issues that can lead to more severe health problems later on, so please pay attention to this and stop yourself from taking bath or a shower right after eating food.

Drink Tea

Never drink tea right after having dinner! It can interfere with the iron absorption because tea contains tannic acid which can bind with iron and protein in our food. Studies claim that this results in 87% decrease in absorption of iron. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, but also poor appetite, pale skin, chest pain, cold feet and hands, dizziness, weakness, and extreme fatigue.

Try to avoid doing these things after a meal. Make sure you leave some time between eating fruit, lying down or drinking anything!

Source: Thinkhealthybehealthy