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Woman Wondered How Her Husband Would React If She Decided To Dump Him

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1. A woman wakes up at 4 in the morning and realizes that her husband is not with her in bed. She goes to the kitchen and finds him sitting in silence, in the dark, having a cup of coffee.

Wife: What’s the matter, dear? What are you doing here all alone at this time of night?

Husband: Do you remember 20 years ago, when we started dating when you were 16 and I was 20?

Wife: Of course, I remember.

Husband: And do you remember when your father found us … in the back seat of my car?

Wife: Yes, I remember, she replied tenderly approaching him.

Husband: And you remember that your father put the shotgun in my chest and told me that I should marry you or he would denounce me and I would have to spend 20 years in jail?

Wife: Sure honey, I also remember, dad always so furious with my boyfriends! But what is that?

Husband: (While he removes another tear that runs down his cheek and with his voice breaking in a plaintive cry)

Well … today … precisely today … I WOULD BE WALKING OUT FROM JAIL AND I WOULD BE FREE!

2. Woman Wondered How Her Husband Would React if She Decided to Dump Him

A woman decides to play a joke on her husband but her plan backfires, and her husband has the last laugh.

One slow and dreary day, a housewife wanted to test her husband and find out how he would react if she left him. Her plan began with a letter explaining how she no longer wanted to live with him because she had grown tired of him.

She placed her letter on the table in their bedroom and hid under the bed to watch what would happen.

Her husband got home from work and saw the letter. What he did after caught her by surprise. He wrote something on the note, started to hum a song, dance and dance a little while changing his clothes. He then picked up the phone and made a call. The wife then heard him say,

“Hey, babe! I’m just getting dressed and will be there in a bit. My wife finally left me. Maybe she figured out I was seeing someone else. I really wish I hadn’t married her and met you sooner! Anyway, I’ll see you soon, honey!”

As soon as he left the room, the wife came out from under the bed in tears. She went to check what he wrote down. And what it said was something she didn’t see coming! The note read,

“I could see your feet from under the bed, silly. I went out to buy some bread.”

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