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Why do you need Mbappe when you have Vinicius!

His form has been mixed since the beginning of the season, but a hat-trick against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup final this morning was enough for Vinicius. Jr. affirms that he is no less classy than Kylian Mbappe.

Clearly, this was a relatively difficult football season for Vinicius until the final match at Al-Awwal Stadium took place. . For the first time after many years of joining Los Blancos, the Brazilian star suffered a serious injury that forced him to miss nearly 3 months, thereby accepting to hide “in the shadow” of the team. of rookie Jude Bellingham at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Since the 2023/24 campaign started, the 23-year-old striker has only had 6 goals in 14 appearances for the White Vultures in all competitions.

Ignored since November, but in just 39 minutes of the first match against Barca, the striker born in 2000 proved his superior class with 3 quick goals< /span> with a hat-trick fastest in Super Classics since 1951. Real player, thereby writing his name in the history of El Clasico matches by becoming a

 Vinicius had one of the best performances of his career -
Vinicius had one of the best performances of his career.

Vinicius’s strength lies in his impressive acceleration, which a useful weapon helped Barca’s defense rise this morning. must have nightmares. With his well-matched compatriot Rodrygo Goes playing alongside him, Vinicius destroyed the Blaugrana’s defense system, thereby causing goalkeeper Inaki Pena to have to go into the net three times to pick up the ball even before the end of the first half.

Vinicius’ final decision-making ability has improved, as evidenced by the opening goal in the 7th minute. Cleverly escaping after a delicate pass from Bellingham, the 23-year-old player did not control the ball neatly before Dribbling the ball facing goalkeeper Pena, with comfortable handling time, Vinicius made a turn, causing the Spanish goalkeeper to miss the momentum before kicking the ball into the empty goal, a typical Samba handling.

The Brazilian star’s second goal three minutes later was not as elegant but showed excellent link-up ability with teammate Rodrygo.

On the day Vinicius flourished, of course this was one of the disastrous matches of the player accompanying him on the left wing, Ronald Araujo. Before receiving a red card from the referee in the 71st minute, Araujo was almost powerless to prevent Vinicius from threatening goalkeeper Pena’s goal. It was even the Uruguayan star who fouled Vinicius in the 39th minute, thereby “helping” his colleague on the other side of the line complete the hat-trick of a lifetime.

Real’s fourth goal was scored by Rodrygo. Although Vinicius did not directly score or assist, he still made a big contribution. An uncomfortable cross from player number 7 on the left sideline caused midfielder Jules Kounde to fumble and miss the ball, thereby creating a more perfect opportunity for Rodrygo to set the score in the final match in Saudi Arabia.

 Vinicius makes Araujo a "clown" this morning
Vinicius makes Araujo a “clown” this morning.

In the 82nd minute, Vinicius was replaced by coach Carlo Ancelotti with a perfect score of 10 according to Sofascore to keep his strength for the Tourmalet stage. The fierce competition is coming when Real prepares to have 2 encounters with city neighbor Atletico Madrid in just 2 weeks in the Spanish King’s Cup as well as La Liga arenas, followed by a confrontation that plays a role in the competition. The turning point in this season’s La Liga championship race was with Girona on February 11.

Not only did he make a great contribution to helping the Santiago Bernabeu team successfully repay the debt borrowed from last year when Ancelotti’s team lost to Blaugrana in the 2023 Spanish Super Cup final, this excellent performance this morning was also The strong affirmation that Vinicius sent to the board of directors of the Spanish Royal Club: “Choose me or Mbappe!”.

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