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Why a Bump on Your Wrist May Be a Cause for Concern


Everyone will get a different bump or lesion somewhere in their hands at some point. Most of the time bumps that we get on our palms, wrists or fingers are not serious and can be a result of injuries from insects bites, callouses or blisters.

But there are cases where bumps on the wrist can come as a result of a more serious condition. The medical term for these bumps is hygroma, but they are also known as “ganglion cyst”.

You can watch the video below if you want to learn more about them:

They look similar to bumps that are caused by blisters obtained from physical work, such as in fields, or from insect bites but ganglion cysts are not brought about by any of those reasons.

In the beginning, ganglion cysts form as small capsules or cysts, and they can appear pretty harmless. But they are simply superficial, and if you get one you should not ignore it.

There are numerous places on and around the wrist that ganglion cysts may start to form. It can be on the surface of the palm, near the center of the wrist, or closer to the thumb (in this case it will feel softer if you touch it.)

Hygromas are also known to appear in the insides of the fingers, either near the knuckle or the phalanx. If it appears there it will feel soft to the touch as well.

It is hard to be sure of the real reason why someone developed a ganglion cyst because it can originate from many different cases.

In one of the best-case scenarios they can come about because of an injury you may have acquired recently, or an improperly healed bone fracture. In these cases, they tend to heal on their own and you do not need any medical attention.

But in one of the more serious cases, they can originate from various degenerative illnesses, especially in older people.

These conditions will usually affect the wrist joints and inflame the soft tissues.

Another reason these cysts may form is from repetitive wrist movement. People who work in computers, and are typing all day are at risk of being touched by this.

If that wasn’t enough it actually gets even more complicated. Not only are there many different causes of hygroma, there are also different symptoms that doctors and patients can depend on to establish a diagnosis.

Something that can tip you off to hygroma is if you have a discernible difficulty to move the affected joint. There also isn’t a usual growth rate of the bump since it differs from one patient to the other, and in cases it changes in the same patient at different stages.

Luckily, if you do have a ganglion cyst don’t worry. The good news is that it can’t turn into a malignant tumor and it is not hard to be removed by a surgeon without causing any other complications.

So while it is possible that it’s caused by a degenerative illness, the chances of this being the case are low if you are younger and in fit and healthy condition. In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about.

Source: Viralthread