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Who Is The Real Mother Of This Child? Take A Guess To Reveal Your Personality Traits


The image below shows a child who is playing in the middle of the picture and there are two women sitting on either side. What you have to do is to find out who is the mother of the child.

The woman on the left

Let us start with the lady sitting on the left side of the picture. This is normally the answer many of you might have chosen. However, this is the wrong answer. According to research, almost everyone thinks that the woman on the left is the child’s mother as she appears older and mature than the other woman. And hence they presume that she is the mother.

Despite selecting the wrong answer, people who chose the left side to disclose some excellent quality that they possess. People who chose the left woman are probably very creative and open-minded who do things in their own way. They also love spending their time alone which helps them to reflect their life. In addition to this, they also admire paintings, music and other activities which helps them liberate their creativity. They never get bored due to their capacity to socialize anywhere.

The woman on the right

Yes, the woman on the right is the correct answer and she is the mother of the child. According to research, when kids play in the presence of their parents, they probably face them. The actual reason behind this is that the children seek their parent’s approval.

For all those who selected this answer, it implies that the left hemisphere of their brain keeps working and allows them to concentrate and notice even the minute details. They are more probably logical and rational and follow logic and are not quite easily mislead by emotions. Though they very rarely open up to people, they make a loyal as well as a great friend and a partner too. They also keep their personal points to themselves instead of sharing them with their friends or family.