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According to the New York Times, the minimalist movement began in the art world. There’s more to the practice than getting rid of old stuff.


As we all know, Japan is one of the leading countries with developed economies in the world. They are constantly creating innovative technologies, improving the quality of industries, agriculture, and services. In daily life, the Japanese pursue healthy, simple, peaceful, and the best lifestyles for themselves. This lifestyle has been mentioning and applying by many other countries, which is a MINIMALIST LIFESTYLE.

What is minimalist lifestyle.
What is minimalist lifestyle.

Let’s check out:

  • What is a minimalist lifestyle?
  • The benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.
  • How to transform a minimalist lifestyle?

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

This Japanese minimalist lifestyle is often called by the name “Danshari”, which is a way to live without being waste, buying extravagance, and reducing waste items in the house to the lowest level. This is not only simply getting rid of unnecessary items, but also an effective way to change your life by rearranging them. The act of “cutting” means reducing the nuisance, thinking to make life easier and more comfortable.

Danshari is a combination of three words Dan, Sha, and Ri with the kanji for “断” (Reject), “捨” (Discard), “離” (Avoid) expressing the strong meaning that “break up”. Don’t be stubborn with excess items and live a life of ease and serenity. In addition, this minimalist lifestyle is also mentioned in the Japanese book titled “Bokutachini, moumonohahitsuyounai”.  Which roughly translates to “We don’t need furniture (Japanese minimalist lifestyle)” by the author – Sasaki Fumio with the name “Minimalism” school.

According to the author who follow this school, we should only keep the items that are really necessary, throw away the leftovers, take advantage of the multi-purpose items, simplify the living space … From there, people will focus more on important things as well as easily solve current difficulties.

The benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.

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It is no coincidence that this lifestyle is preferred by many Japanese and is popular all over the world. Because the benefits it brings are really great. Think about it, every day you have to be busy dealing with dozens of problems from family, works, social relationships. When you come home, you still have to deal with the house full of stuff. Is it suffocated and tired?

Applying Danshari to your daily life not only helps keep your home clean and tidy, but also saves you the time and money that you spend on it. Every day, you will not spend a lot of time searching, choosing items or clothes, not having to waste a lot of effort to clean up. People are usually influenced by the outside and think that this item is very good and then buy it. Moreover, people often have the habit of judging others through things, possessions, or snobbishness to see others have something they want.

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But… Do you really have a demand? Even when you are having too many things, it will easily make you lazy and give birth to sloppy habits and the lifestyle will be even more restrictive.

If you grasp this minimalist concept before you buy something, try asking yourself “Do I really need it?”, think again about something. Where they are in your house and then you will do not buy the same items again. On the other hand, with excess items such as clothes or old storybooks, you can also sell them to second-hand stores. So you have more money to use on other more important things, right?

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more...
The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more…

When the house has become airier, the vision will be expanded, naturally, your thoughts will also be more open and flexible. At the same time, you will also have more time and space to easily focus on other main things to do.
One more “benefit” that this minimalist lifestyle brings is the emotional side, it helps the relationship between members in the family better. When the whole family goes out, it’s late but you can’t find what you need, thus making the whole family wait, impatient, frustrated and then quarrel again. If there were less furniture, perhaps these absurd situations would also be gone.

In addition, the majority of Japanese follow this lifestyle because of geographical conditions. In a country with frequent earthquakes, the less furniture they have, the lower the risks of being crushed by things they take. Damaged furniture also does not need to be repaired much.

How to transform a minimalist lifestyle?

In a short time, it is certainly not easy to rearrange the whole house. Moreover, making the decision to give up or keep one is even more difficult. To avoid “regret” later, you must master some tips as follows:

  1. Getting rid of small miscellaneous items in bags, purses, wallets…that you always carry with you.
  2. Next is the whole thing from cabinets to refrigerators, wardrobes…and get rid of unused things such as utility bills, old stationery, expired food, cosmetics and medicine, torn clothes, errors, etc.
  3. The items close to you have also been successfully removed, so why not increase the scope of work.
  4. Start the “revolution of innovation” from where there have objects with the same utility such as in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway…
  5. Calculate the number of remaining objects to suit special situations.
  6. Classify objects into 3 main groups:
      • Necessary items: Daily use items, rarely used but still need.
      • Unnecessary items: Damaged electrical appliances, unused items even once, items that are not used for more than a year.
      • Storage: For items that have not been decided to be discarded or not, you can keep them in the box and review them in a month if you take them out to use.

7. Items containing memories are always the hardest to get rid of. If you don’t feel happy and comfortable, you can take it down.

8. Moving house is a good opportunity to implement this campaign.

This “miracle” minimalist lifestyle not only helps us to improve our life satisfaction, optimistic and refreshing spirit. But it also makes us understand more about the value of happiness. Happiness comes from simple things, not from material abundance. ” Reducing” the afflictions of love and hate for others in life, melancholy will automatically ease…

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