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This Simple Math Problem Is Stumping Everyone, Can You Answer It?


A brand new brainteaser is taking Fb by storm and it’s one which may by no means really be solved. Merely put, it’s driving everybody on the web loopy.

The maths puzzle, which substitutes photos for numbers, was posted and has been shared greater than 14,000 instances, has been appreciated practically 73,000 instances and has amassed greater than 500,000 feedback of individuals considering they know the reply. Can you work it out?



Right here’s what we predict:

Horse + horse + horse = 30, due to this fact we are able to assume that one horse =10.

If a horse + horseshoes + horseshoes = 18, we are able to assume the horseshoes = 4.

If horseshoes = Four and horseshoes minus cowboy boots = 2, we assume the cowboy boots = 2.

Right here’s the place it will get tough:

1 cowboy boot + 1 horse x 1 horseshoe = ?

The final equation is barely completely different from these above it. Discover there’s just one cowboy boot and one horseshoe? We don’t have particular values for these photographs, and we seemingly by no means will. What we are able to do is take our greatest guess.

Let’s assume that the cowboy boot and the horseshoe are each one lower than its authentic counterpart, making 1 and three, respectively. That may make the final equation 1 + 10 x 2 = x.

Individuals have arrived at completely different solutions starting from 32, 44, 22, 23, 21, and 13. Which one is right? It’s driving the web loopy.


Subsequent, you’ll want to make use of the order of operations to unravel:


3.Multiplication and division
4.Addition and subtraction

This implies the equation turns into:

1 + 10 x 2
Reply: 21