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There Is No Error In This Equation. How Can This Be?


You have already solved a lot of our puzzles; you have repeatedly tested your attention and ability to concentrate. We recommend you take a short break from your daily tasks every now and then and devote at least a few minutes a day to mind-stimulating tasks. What for? A healthy brain is one of the keys to longevity.

Today we offer you to try another interesting task. We’ll admit that it took us a while before we figured it out, but it was worth it!

The condition couldn’t be simpler. It’s all in the picture.

The illustrated equation is correct, and there is no error here. How can this be?

There is no typo in the picture.

Don’t hurry. Look at the picture very carefully. You will find the answer below.

It is so obvious, yet at the same time so difficult to see!

The thing is that the equation is written in mirror image. If you read 14913 upside down and back to front it resembles the word EIGHT.

Did you find the answer yourself? Why don’t you share this riddle with your friends? Let them try their hand! 🙂