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The Way You Hold Your Phone Can Say a Lot About You!


We all do certain things differently without even being aware of some of them. However, these small things can reveal a lot of hidden things about our personality. We have become so attached to our phones that we even have a special way of handling them. Some might notice that you hold your phone the same way and knowing what it means can be very interesting. Keep reading to find out what the way you hold your phone means for you.

1. Using the thumb

Holding your phone with the help of your thumb means you are a very cheerful person and you always tend to look on the bright side of things. Your carefree nature helps you solve problems with ease. You have confidence which is in accordance with your abilities and you never back away from things you are given. When it comes to relationships, you might take months to decide about a person and you don’t like being too committed.

2. Using your thumb to scroll and type

This means you are a very wise person and you are always cautious when making decisions or claiming something. You care a lot about what people think or say about you due to your caring nature. You can decide about a potential partner after just one date and you always invest a lot of effort in relationships. However, this might sometimes lead to being in a wrong relationship.

3. Typing with both thumbs

You are a person who is efficient and quick. Your work ethics is outstanding and you can analyze a problem within a short period of time. You have three different parts of your personality. The first one is partying hard with everyone, the second one is discussing ideas at work and the third is being carefree with those you love. When it comes to your love life, it is difficult for you to win someone’s heart and you have been heartbroken by breakups many times.

4. Using your index finger

If you use your index finger when handling your phone, it means you are a very artistic and creative nature. Your ideas are often accepted and appreciated by others and lots of people approve of your creativeness at the workplace. You are very shy in relationships and you almost never make the first move.