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The Truth Behind Men’s Sayings Of Breaking Up

Here’s the truth behind 10 excuses we often hear from men.

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1. “The problem is not you, it’s me”

This saying is intended to reduce the pain for the girl, but in fact, to make the man feel less guilty.
According to the president of the consulting firm Mannersmith Etiquette, Jodi Smith, the real meaning here is: “You’re different from me, not really right for me.” Or, more rudely, “I don’t like you anymore”.

2. “We have different goals in life.”

One analyst, looking for solutions to relationships, asserted that for people who have been together for a long time, maybe even a few years, these words are meaningless. Their purpose is to mask the thought: “I don’t see how your dreams match up with my future, and I don’t want to put in the effort or try to see if they do. “. This person is quite weak and childish. You don’t have to spend any more time planning your future with him.

3. “You are too mature for me.”

This is also an expression of selfishness and childishness. Men blame your “maturity” for wanting to look polite instead of admitting that they’re just hanging out, dating girls for fun and not needing a serious relationship. If you receive a text like this, believe it immediately and say goodbye to him.

4. “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

This is the most paradoxical parting sentence commonly found in men and women alike. There will be some truth in the above explanation. If he really loves you, he will take care of your feelings and thoughts. However, the truth is still the truth. Maybe he’s trying to get to know someone or for some other reason that’s sure to hurt you. Life is not like a melodrama and explanations like these are truly too touching and lofty to be true.

5. “I’m going away in the next few years. I don’t want you to wait, let’s break up.”

This statement helps to cover up the fact that he is no longer interested in hanging out with you for long. Maybe he has other plans for his future without your presence or understandably wants the single life, another relationship to be easier. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that he no longer wants to spend time with you.

6. “I still haven’t completely gotten over my ex and this is not fair to you”.

It’s true that he hasn’t forgotten his ex. And another thing is “I don’t like you enough”.

7. “I thought I was ready for a relationship but…”

This means he has jumped into a relationship with you but doesn’t have any responsibility or commitment for you at all. Maybe this person really wants to just have fun, have the opportunity to hang out with other girls. It doesn’t matter whether he’s ready or not, he’d simply rather be single than be with you.

8. You’re so good, I just made your life worse.

This is also a way for a man to feel less guilty and you can’t blame him too much. However, doing so will still hurt you less, because at least he still wants you to see yourself as a great girl.

9. “Let’s break up for a while”

This doesn’t mean he’s trying to get out of the relationship with you. This man may be overwhelmed with attachments to you because he has never had to with anyone before. Time apart for him to balance his emotions, life, think about the future, re-analyze the relationship… Worse case is that he has a crush on someone, and needs to stop with you to Respect you and consider your feelings. Be calm, be quiet and wait for the results. If he really loves you, he will definitely come back. And if you betray you, then be optimistic and believe that you are lucky not to have gone too far in your relationship with this person.

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