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The Shape Of Your Fingers Reveals Your Personality


There are a lot of things about our outer appearance that reveal our personality. What one only has to do is a little research, and they will learn so much about their friends’, acquaintances’, colleagues’, and relatives’ personalities. There are so many little things that can reveal a person’s character, the only thing that we have to do is see them. This way a person can also learn about their own personality by examining their forehead type, their lips, their nails, and now their fingers.

There are a lot of things that hands can say about their owner’s personality, and this does not include only the way that person earns their living (through physical or intellectual activity), but something much deeper – the way our body reflects our inner world, our personality. Here are all the different kinds of finger shapes and what kind of person is hidden there.

How to know your finger type?

The first thing you need to do before you read the characteristics of all types of index fingers, you need to find what your own type is and this may happen quite easily. Just look at the back of your hands and measure the length of your index finger. This, of course, does not mean literally. It means that you have to measure if your index finger is longer than your ring finger. You can use a line or a piece of paper if you want to be completely sure, because sometimes the length of the fingers could be more or less equal, or your hands could be deceiving you. Sometimes you may see you ring finger to be the longer one, while other times the index finger takes the lead. And other times they are with the same length. After you establish which of your fingers is longer, we may move on to the most interesting part. And this is the analysis of the finger types.

Finger type #1

The first finger type, as you may guess is if a person’s index fingers are shorter than their ring fingers. Remember that you should be looking at the back of your hand, not your palm, because this is how you may be sure which your true finger type is. If you see that your finger is even some millimeters longer than your index one, than you are the charming, but pragmatic kind of person. You want everything to be under control. You do not like changes. You are also very strict when it comes to observing rules. Your friends see your pragmatism, but they do not find it annoying, but even a bit cute, because you are also a very charming person and there are hardly any people that do not like you. Your room is your personal space, but you do not mind if people came to you. On the contrary, you feel even better knowing that you in one way or another attract all the people around you. But that is if they do not touch your stuff, and do not make a mess. If this happens, they for sure must be ready to see your bad side.

Finger type #2

If the first finger type was the one where rings fingers were longer than the index ones, now the roles are reversed, which means that the second finger type is having longer index fingers than ring ones. One may find quite interesting the connection between the length of the index finger and the type of personality these people have. We use the index finger when we point at things, or to poke things. It is the finger that is most widely used by people. It is the main finger. And that is why you probably will not be surprised to know that people with such finger length are leaders. People listen to them, and if for some reason they do not, then the leaders make them listen to them. These people are very confident. They know what they want and how to achieve it. The only thing that they have problem with is time, because they are always in a hurry to do their job and to reach their goals, but some of them are not so easily achieved, not to mention fast.

Finger type #3

The last finger type, as you may already know, is when the index and the ring fingers are of the same length. The association that this finger length evokes is often scales. In other words, people with such type of fingers are the mediators. They do not like fighting, they are pacifists. If a problem can be solved with no victims, then why should anyone try something different? Some of their acquaintances think that they do not like taking positions, and are always in between sides, but this is not true. People with this third type of fingers choose always the peaceful side.