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The Shape Of Your Fingernail Reveals A Lot About You


Finding something unique about ourselves is always a great idea. Take this test to know yourself better.

The shape of your face, the color of your eyes and many other physical features of your body can say a lot about you. You may not even be aware of these aspects of your life but knowing these will allow you to discover yourself and reflect on yourself.

Another feature that can be added to that list is the shape of your fingernail. Here are the different types of a fingernail and what it reveals about you:

1. Square

You are a person who always stands out in the crowd, often hoping to be recognized for your talents and skills. Your serious face and attitude are misjudged by people. They think you are very reserved and feel you are not very empathetic. However, that is just because they haven’t been able to understand your personality. Your best quality is that you are not bothered by any of these things. You take charge when needed and help others in times of need.

2. Round

You have a creative streak and crave the attention and admiration of others. You want the ones around you to notice you and appreciate you. However, you don’t need to try so much for it as you are just a fun and exciting person in general. People are attracted to this aspect of your personality. Though people are always around you, you are smart enough to pick and choose the right kind of people. Just being with your loved ones leaves you joyous.

3. Triangle

Your triangle-shaped nails are a symbol of your sophisticated and gentle personality. You enjoy the finer things in life and elegance is your style. However, your gentleness is taken advantage of by many.  They see that as your weakness. But nothing stops you from being yourself. You are very focused and know what you want in life. You talk less about your goals but you prove it all through your actions.

4. Broad

If your nails are broad and rectangular in shape, you are a person who thinks before taking every step in life. You are not hasty and you are known to keep your calm in all circumstances. This makes you a very reliable and dependent person. A lot of people believe in your decision-making skills and seek your advice very often. Your pragmatic thinking never disappoints anybody.

5. Oval

Nails that resemble the shape of almonds are synonymous with an honest and loyal person. You are humble and sensitive and your happiness comes from simple things. You can be tough when you have an aim in front. However, your soft side is visible to the ones you care very dearly for. Taking criticisms is not your strong point. Though you may be smiling on the outside, you might not be really great in the inside.

6. Tall

Your tall and rectangular nail reveals the socially active person you are. You are not shy in social events and make connections very easily. While taking decisions, you are careful and think deeply about the possible outcomes. You always do the right thing even though you enjoy dealing with challenging situations.


Source: littlethings