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The Perfect Puzzle: What Number Should Replace The Question Mark?


Do you think you’re good at math? Well, let’s see how long you’re going to take to solve this math puzzle.

Here is a math equation: Do you think you can find the number that should replace the question mark?

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that your brain can do so many things at the same time?

Your brain is a very powerful organ designed to multi-task and power almost every other organ in the body.

However, your mind relies on you to exercise it and give it more power. Here’s a secret not many people know: you can exercise your brain by solving puzzles, riddles, and mathematical problems.

Do we need to tell you the benefits of exercising your brain?

Imagine you being a bit smarter than anyone around you. Wouldn’t you love that? Well, the key to achieving that is to exercise your beautiful brain.

Thankfully, we have given you the right type of tasking teaser for your brain.

Have you been able to solve it? Let’s analyze the question properly together.

If the sum of three lipsticks equals 30, then one lipstick equals 10. How? We divided 30 by 3.

1 lipstick plus 2 powders equal 20.

If 1 lipstick is 10, so 10 + x + x = 20;


20-10 =10;

therefore, 2x=10;


1 powder plus 2 nail polish plus 2 nail polish equals 9.

If 1 powder is 5, then 5 + 2x +2x = 9;

5 + 4x = 9;

4x = 9 – 5;



One nail polish equals 1

1 powder (5) + 1 nail polish (1) x one lipstick (10) equals:

5+ (1×10) = 15

The answer is 15!

We hope you got it right! If you didn’t, don’t be discouraged, go through the steps again, and make sure you keep practicing.

Good luck!