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The meaningful life is simpler than you think…

You are tired and face daily stress in life…Well I guess you’re unable to manage this stress sometimes. Emotional exhaustion is wider-ranging and longer-lasting than just having a ‘bad day’ or ‘bad week’. Emotional exhaustion is when we feel emotionally worn out or drained due to stress and fatigue accumulated from work, school, personal experiences, or most times, a combination of both.

It happens when stress and fatigue begin to reach chronic levels in the body and can significantly impact your quality of life and bodily functioning.

Let’s calm down, heal your soul and try to make the ” Meaningful Life”. You need to really understand What’s the meaningful life? And Is that the same purpose for everyone?

Let’s check the details as:
  • What is a meaningful life?
  • What secret keys to make a meaningful life?
  • Get meaningful life simple or not?

6 Minimalist Living Essential Tips.

What is a meaningful life?
What is a meaningful life?
What is a meaningful life?

First, there’s a difference between a meaningful life and a happy life, though the two are commonly linked. Think about the most meaningful aspects of your life now – perhaps it’s deep and messy friendships, a satisfying job serving others, or spiritual practices that help you get through the pain of loss.

A meaningful life is one in which you feel engaged, connected to purpose, and able to connect your gifts and passions with your highest values.

Realizing that the meaning of life is based on value is important, since it allows us to correct many mistakes people make about the meaning, or meaninglessness, of their lives.

What secret keys to make a meaningful life?
Secrets keys to make a meaningful life...
Secrets keys to make a meaningful life…

Figure out what activities leave you energized. There are other types of activities that make us feel alive. These are activities that we look forward to, that we focus on completely, and finish having more energy than when we started. These are also the activities that we give our best energy to and that we try to make the highest quality.
Energizing activities are often our hobbies, like working on machines, collecting items, writing, gardening, cooking, and so on.
The important thing to remember about these activities is that they require movement on our part—it does not mean watching TV or other screen-watching.

Determine what activities leave you feeling neutral.

Determine what activities leave you feeling neutral.
Determine what activities leave you feeling neutral.

Some activities we engage in because they don’t require us to do anything, like sitting and watching TV. These activities don’t drain us, but they don’t energize us either. If your life is predominantly full of draining activities, you look forward to these neutral activities so that you don’t have to do anything else.
Neutral activities can also include surfing the internet, playing games on your smart phone, and other activities that involve watching screens.
These activities don’t require brainpower, but they don’t leave you feeling refreshed.

Decide what activities drain you.

In order for life to have meaning, it needs to have purpose. Take a look at the activities that you engage in on a daily basis and evaluate how many of those activities make you feel worn out after you finish them. These are also the activities that you dread doing, having to give yourself a pep talk to get going.[3]
These activities are also ones that you find yourself rushing through and not caring as much about how well you do them.
For example, if you hate your job, each shift can be considered a draining activity.

Help each other with the community as:

Create a plan to balance your energizing, neutral and draining activities.

Make a chart that displays your energizing, neutral and draining activities. Look at the chart and examine how balanced it is. Do you need to add more energizing activities?

To live a meaningful life, the answer is most likely yes. Start by taking small steps toward achieving a better balance among these three activities. Write out a plan with a larger and larger amount of time blocked off for energizing activities every week.
Over time, you will stop looking forward to the neutral activities and instead see them as a waste of time. [4] This is because you are slowly developing a new habit and your mind, will, and emotions are being encouraged to grow.
You will start to look forward to the energizing activities instead of the neutral ones because your sense of purpose is increasing.
You can write this plan on a piece of paper, or just add energizing activities to your weekly planner.

Decide if your career lines up with this plan.

You are probably already thinking about your job and whether or not you should keep it if it is a draining activity. The choice is up to you. You have to take stock of things, like how much your family suffers because of your attitude toward work, and if you would be able to find another source of income if you quit.
For example, if you have a family who is tired of watching you come home every day without any energy, you may want to think about getting a different, less draining job; cutting back your hours instead of quitting; or finding a new source of income altogether, like starting your own business selling the product you make (or the service you perform) with your energizing activity.
You can also consider going back to school while you still have your old job if you feel that a different career would make your life more purposeful and meaningful.
The important thing, though, is to find a balance among energizing, neutral, and draining activities.

Be willing to explore new pursuits.

Be willing to explore new pursuits.
Be willing to explore new pursuits.

Being open-minded about trying new things is also important when considering how much of your life is purposeful and meaningful. Trying something that you have never tried before is the perfect way to discover energizing activities. Doing so can also help you discover a purposeful existence.
You can try new activities that are easy to learn about on your own through the internet, like blogging, cooking, and gardening.
You can also find an expert in your area who is willing to teach you how to do something new, such as taking pilot lessons or signing up for a community art class.

Check out:
Get meaningful life simple or not?

Be willing to be true to yourself…
You also need freedom to express yourself if your life is going to be full of meaning and purpose. This means discovering your passions, your preferences, and then doing them without being afraid of rejection.

You will find out what your passions are when you rank your daily activities by how energizing they are in the first part, but you can also find your passions by following your curiosity and stopping work on things that aren’t energizing to you.
Even if you don’t gravitate toward writing or drawing, it is useful to explore these mediums so that you can create a visual of your thoughts on paper or canvas (or digitally, if you find that the computer medium comes more easily).

Work on overcoming fears.

Work on overcoming fears
Work on overcoming fears

To express yourself, you have to resist giving in to a fear of rejection or judgement. You’ll need to face these fears so that you can live a meaningful life that is free from the dictates of others.
One thing you could do is play the internet card game Rejection Therapy, an amateur version of exposure therapy that trains you to ask strangers for things you know they will say no to. The purpose is to desensitize your mind to rejection so that you aren’t afraid of it anymore.
Or you can just dive right in to your most energizing activities and refuse to obey the negative voices of your friends and family.

Choose a way to express yourself.

Choose a way to express yourself
Choose a way to express yourself

Once you know what you want to do and are choosing not to be afraid of expressing it, you need to find a way to express yourself. This can be through art, through writing, through producing a product, even though wearing different clothes. The important thing is to be who you know you are, not what others suggest.

Express yourself more often.

Now that you know how you want to express yourself, do so more and more frequently, until you are comfortable expressing yourself all the time. It might take weeks or months, but eventually you will stop being afraid of being yourself, no matter who you are with.
Just be sure that you aren’t causing harm to others as you express yourself. For example, your parents or your kids might be embarrassed of you, but that is ok; but ignoring the needs of your family or friends to pursue your interests is selfish and mean.

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” The greatest challenge in life is to be our own person and accept that being different is a blessing and not a curse.

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