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Test Your Powers Of Observation And Concentration: Which Of These Moms Is Poor?


Let’s face it, almost everyone would like to be rich. And why not? People with a lot of money are able to surround themselves with the best of the best while those with a limited budget often can’t afford even the most essential things. This riddle can help you check your powers of observation and critical thinking.

There are two women in the picture, with obviously different lifestyles and finances.

One of them wears fancy clothes and an expensive handbag with a price tag. The other mom looks quite modest while playing with her son. Everything seems to be obvious but can you tell for sure?

Which mother is poor?

Is there anything in this picture that can prove your assumptions?

If you are observant then you would use all your senses to examine something that you’re curious about, and you evaluate what you experience. Mindfulness, in fact, is crucial for our everyday life as it decreases the risk of burnout at work, improves mental health, and helps to make smarter decisions.

So, are you ready with the answer? The second mom with a baby in a stroller is poor!

Well, the fact is this: if we switch our attention from celebrities showing off on the screens and look at the other rich, those who don’t spend all their time in front of a camera, we’ll notice a drastic difference in wardrobe. Not only do the really rich stay modest with their wardrobe choices, but most of them even dress poorly. In the same vein, those who are poor try to mask their poverty in order to receive better treatment.

Poverty, in fact, is more than low income or financial disadvantage. It is also a state of mind. People should enjoy their lives and not worry about making others believe they do. Love your life regardless of the size of your wallet!