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Scientists Reveal Here’s what the Shape of Your Lips Says about Your Personality


It is a well researched fact that certain aspects of physiology can reveal the type of person you are. Perhaps it isn’t some farfetched ability of prediction but a fact of how physiology and the psyche combine to exhibit one’s nature. Our lips are vital in our verbal articulation as well as the way we look but somehow they have not been given their fair share of credit. In this article, we would tell you what different shapes of lips tell about the personality of its owner and you’ll be surprised at how accurate these observations are!

1. Large puffy lips

People with thick puffy lips or pouty lips are basically very compassionate and caring by nature. They have the tendency to take care of animals or babies and can be great doctors or nurses. They have the innate capability of protectiveness and healing the weak and the helpless is their calling.

2. They make good caregivers

Such people a.re emphatic as well as friendly and can be trusted easily. By nature they are nurturers. They love to care for someone and would good caregivers. They usually are great parents.

3. The upper lip is larger than the lower one

People with this type of lips are huge attention seekers and over emotional. They love to be the center of attraction and would do anything get to achieve that goal. Since they are super confident and have very high self-opinion they are charismatic enough to draw people towards their magnetic charms. They will be the life of any party with their shocking comments or jokes or even talents such as dancing and singing.

4. When the lower lip is larger than the upper one

People with this lip structure are suckers for fun and adventure and hate any kind of rut or boring routine. They are the wanderers and globetrotters with a brim full of energy and ideas. It is no surprise that such people love to travel the globe, trek mountains and bask on seas shores.

5. Such people are adaptable to any environment

They are highly impressionable, curious and sociable and can adapt to any environment easily and quickly. They have the most open-minded lifestyle and are always ready for experiments and new discoveries.

6. Ordinary lips

These lips are usually reflecting a very balanced and sensible personality which is risk-averse by nature but loyal and grounded. These people are good listeners and calm headed who seldom lose temper. They are optimistic but also very stoic and pragmatic in their approach towards the challenges of life.

7. Lips
People with thin lips are loners and introverts usually. Since they are very self-reliant and capable of managing life on their own, they are comfortable in their own small universe. They can go to different places, watch a movie or have a nice time all by themselves. They practically never feel alone or disoriented when they shift bases due to work or education and manage independently without much help.

8. An upper lip with a sharp philtrum (Sharp Cupid’s bow)

People with this kind of lips are artists and creative souls to the core of their beings. They end up being prodigies in music, arts, singing or dancing, and even theatre. They also have a photographic memory which keeps them in the center of any sort PR activities and social networking. Self-expression is their prime motivators and they are really good at it.

An upper lip with a sharp philtrum (Sharp Cupid’s bow)

9. An upper lip with a rounded philtrum

Lips with rounded philtrums usually belong to people who are sensitive, kind and full of empathy about other people. They are the ones who get greatly affected by tragedies and misfortunes of others and are the first to help. Their calling in life is actually to save and rescue people less privileged than themselves. They are the ones who run successful NGOs and global disaster management cells all across the world.

10. An upper lip without a philtrum

These are the most driven people on this planet and it would not be an overstatement if we say that the world actually functions because of them. They are fast, logical, pragmatic and problem solvers. They meet up the challenges of life only to conquer it right on time.

11. They are highly reliable and dependable

Their families and friends know that they are reliable and if anything needs to be done it would be taken care of them without a doubt always. They are superheroes of our real world. Such people are also dependable in tight situations.

12. Small puffy lips

The first impression which is not always accurate is that people with these kinds of lips are selfish and consider themselves top priority always. This, however, is not entirely true. In reality, they can be really loyal and devoted to their relations and are ready for help at the shortest of notice even at the middle of the night. But self-preservation is important too as they can’t help others if they don’t care about themselves right?

13. Small puffy lips

People with a thin upper lip are born leaders who believe in changing the world around them. They are so driven it, almost borders at obsession for their cause. They can create huge followers and create a small cult of their own if they want. Their cause sucks every life force out of them.

14. A very thin upper lip

They can sacrifice a lot for their beliefs
All great leaders in the past share these common trends and they sacrifice personal pleasures and contentment for a bigger good. Such people will not hesitate to propagate their beliefs and believe them with conviction.