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Pick A Mask And We’ll Reveal Your True Personality


Now that we’re officially in October, it is time to get ready for the scariest festival of the year. It’s time to get those costumes out of the closet and bring out those masks to hide your identity.

But, did you know that the choice you make speaks volumes about you?

Look at the image below and pick a mask that resonates with you the most, and it will reveal who you are as a person.

1. The Red Devil

You’re the prankster of the group and people await your tricks each year. They know you’ve got great tricks up your sleeve. Your inner child is bittersweet, thoughtful, and never too greedy. While you’re sociable, and generally are the life of the party, you tend to keep your distance from people and only let a select few people know the real you. You’re also quite high maintenance and your outfit has to be on point, or else you will not wear one.

2. The Dracula Invasion

You’re most likely to go all out for Halloween, not because you believe in traditions, but simply because you love to go with the flow. You’re downright deviant and you use dressing up in a costume as an excuse to act out. You’re stubborn and love it when things go your way, but you also know how to adjust and make people around you feel comfortable. You also know how to put an end to it when people start to take advantage of your kind nature.

3. The Glamorous Ghost

You put in a lot of effort into your costume, and you do the same in your life. You make a lot of effort to make people around you happy and you love to see them smile. When it comes to friends, you take your time choosing them, so that you don’t regret your decisions. People come to you when they are feeling low because they know that you can provide them with good solutions to their problems. You’re someone people can depend on.

4. The Mummified Alien

You’re the oldie in your group with this mystical aura around you. You love exploring places and discovering things about your past. You love to share your knowledge with those around you and never shy away from opening up about how you don’t belong to this generation. You have a sensitive side and have an uncanny knack of what people are going through. This helps you understand people and their motives better.

5. The Frankenstein

You’re classy and your costumes are always going to be a cliché because you love to stick to the basics. You will always be the first one in the group to plan way in advance, so when the time comes, nothing will go wrong. You are simple with your decisions and ideas and hate it when things get complicated. You’re also a straightforward person, and tell the truth like it is. People who know you will appreciate you for that, but those who don’t might find you as arrogant.

6. The Pumpkin Patch

You are the prime example of not judging a book by its cover. You’re very much in touch with your inner child and you can surprise people with your nature because you look serious, but you behave the exact opposite. Happiness comes in many forms to many people, but for you, seeing others around you bloom makes you the happiest. You’re also a passionate individual with a streak of ambition. You like to set goals and achieve them, and you’re always in competition with yourself.