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Pedri could cause Arteta’s era to collapse

Arsenal will need to carefully consider recruiting the Barcelona star.

Spanish media revealed information that Barcelona is ready to sell the target pursued by Arsenal in the transfer window recently – Pedri. The Catalan team wants to completely resolve the financial problem and they believe that, a move to part ways with the star with a release clause of 1 billion euros will be the key.

Pedri is known as a top passer. The former Las Palmas player possesses both technical qualities and observation ability. Pedri can be seen as an incomplete version of the legendary Andres Iniesta.

Pedri is likely to travel with his teammates for the Spanish Super Cup -
Barca considers selling Pedri

For a club that emphasizes the ability to control and circulate the ball like Arsenal, Pedri’s presence is very desirable.

Under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, the Spaniard could even help the Gunners’ playing style ‘evolve’. However, there are still downsides that make Arsenal hesitant when thinking about this striker.

Firstly, Barcelona will want to collect a huge fee if they part with Pedri and the prospect of Arsenal creating a second consecutive summer blockbuster trade (after Rice) is entirely possible.

However, this move is really unnecessary when Arsenal’s transfer priority right now is to bring in a quality striker, A versatile winger to share the burden with the duo Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, or even more, a high-class central defender to maintain stability in defense.

Pedri's value -
 Pedri possesses impressive ball movement ability. 

In case the Gunners spend heavily to recruit Pedri, they will lose funds, leading to missing more important goals. 

Arsenal only participated in the Champions League this season, so the home team at Emirates Stadium will not have enough revenue to create financial balance if they are too ambitious in the transfer market.

Furthermore, Pedri’s presence is probably not too necessary because Arsenal possesses a quality midfield, capable of circulating the ball and supporting the attack well. Besides Martin Odegaard or Kai Havertz, rookie Declan Rice can also play at number 8 if needed.

Arteta’s goal now is to bring in a midfielder who is good at tackling, taking on the task of defending from afar to free Rice. The Gunners captain wants to fully exploit the English star instead of just letting his student sweep and cover the defense.

Barcelona gets more bad Pedri injury news before Supercup
 Pedri often gets injured.

Therefore, unless Arsenal accepts to part with Kai Havertz, recruiting Pedri will become redundant.

In addition, the Spanish star’s injury history is also a factor that Arsenal needs to consider carefully. Statistics show that Pedri missed 13 games this season due to injury. He also fell into a similar situation in the previous two seasons (15 matches in the 2022/23 season, 41 matches in the 2021/22 season).

Spending such a huge fee on such a high-risk deal could leave the Gunners’ future once again in an uncertain position. Therefore, although Pedri is excellent, he is not the right choice for them right now.

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