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Newcastle injury recovery blow for Arsenal

 It’s not easy for the Gunners to take over their top star.

In a desperate search for a solution for their attack, Arsenal sought to rekindle interest in their old target , Alexander Isak.

The Swedish striker was on the Gunners’ radar in 2022, but they were surpassed by Newcastle United in the competition. this race. Thanks to its strong spending, Newcastle has reaped the rewards with Isak.

 Arsenal is interested in Isak.

Although the former Sociedad player had difficulty during his first time in the foggy country when he suffered an injury, as soon as he returned, he showed impressive goal-scoring ability.

Last season, he scored 10 goals after 22 appearances in the Premier League, making an important contribution to helping Newcastle win a ticket to the Champions League. Entering the new season, despite the ups and downs of the home team’s performance at St James Park, Isak is still highly appreciated by experts by scoring a total of 9 goals in 15 matches.

With a star who possesses a direct and effective playing style like Isak, it is not surprising that Arsenal once again put Isak in their sights.

However, at the present time, even if Newcastle declines, they are not ‘foolish’. Letting the main striker fall into the hands of a direct competitor for the domestic title.

Moreover, with strong financial support from the Arab owners, The Magpies are even considering acquiring another potential target. Another of the Gunners , that is striker Dominic Solanke on Bournemouth.

Compared to Victor Osimhen or Ivan Toney, the 26-year-old striker can be considered the most likely name that Arsenal can own. However, Newcastle’s involvement in this deal will make everything much more complicated.

 Solanke is of interest to Arsenal. 

It’s undeniable that Arsenal is improving each season. However, they also show instability in terms of performance, which will significantly reduce the chance of closing deals.

The same thing happened at Newcastle, but they still held the advantage thanks to the presence of Eddie Howe. The British strategist once led Solanke when he took over Bournemouth. And the good relationship between them could draw the 26-year-old striker closer to St. James Park more.

Even if this deal is not successful, Newcastle still causes discomfort for the Gunners. Because of their presence will give Bournemouth more grounds to make things difficult for Arsenal at the negotiating table. It may even cause the Lond on representative to ignore this goal.

In short, if it is true as revealed in the British media, Newcastle had an impressive response when Arsenal approached their key star.

The Magpies have not only affirmed their position in the domestic arena, but now, they also show discomfort in the battles in the transfer market.

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