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Mourinho’s 3 most possible destinations after leaving Roma

Jose Mourinho has officially left AS Roma and what will be the next stop in his career?


It’s not surprising that Barca is on this list. Once supported by many people in the Blaugrana leadership, however, Pep Guardiola was the one chosen to sit on the hot seat in 2008. Simply because Joan Laporta wants to preserve the attacking football philosophy inspired by Johan Cruyff. 6 years later, the Portuguese strategist was once again contacted but things did not work out because of philosophical differences.

However, current coach Xavi is facing many difficulties as Barcelona is showing a poor performance in La Liga, falling to 4th place on the rankings.

Mourinho's 3 most possible destinations after leaving Roma - Lindi
 Mourinho almost became Barcelona coach in 2008, not Pep.

The team’s financial situation is completely not good as they have spent a lot of money to have quality contracts like Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, … in recent years. The Catalan team needs an experienced captain like Mourinho to be able to make the players fully develop their talents.

Newcastle United

More than anyone else, Jose Mourinho understands the “mill” How tough is it to be a coach in the world of football? 6 months ago, Eddie Howe was hailed as a hero when he helped Newcastle get a ticket to the Champions League. However, in the current season, the British strategist’s future is being questioned when the Magpies were abruptly eliminated from the European tournament and fell to 10th place on the rankings.

Mourinho is greatly admired by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) – the current owner of Newcastle . Surely returning to England will also be one of the plans of “The Special One” when he once expressed discomfort when talking about Tottenham firing him before the final.

Mourinho's 3 most possible destinations after leaving Roma - lindi
Coach Mourinho can absolutely return to England and lead Newcastle United.

Saudi Pro League

The Portuguese strategist received a lucrative offer from the Middle East last season, and it would be surprising that no team here offered when he learned that he had just been fired by AS Roma. Mourinho is a cautious person in choosing a new stop, and he also affirmed that he might one day lead a team in the Saudi Pro League.

He once shared: “The door is always open to me in Arabia. I want to feel the growth there. Cristiano [Ronaldo] was the first to get there and immediately gave a different perspective. The players initially thought this would be a one-man show, but they would realize things had completely changed in the summer. 

Many players are not only those at the end of their careers but also those in their best stages, they all come to compete, it’s true”.

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