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‘It’s Barbaric’: 12-Year-Old Boy Dies after Life Support Is Turned Off against Family’s Wishes

A 12-year-old British youngster from Southend, Essex, Archie Battersbee, pass away on Saturday post withdrawal of his life support following a prolonged court argument amid his parents and his medics.

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Archie’s parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, sought the treatment to carry on, affirming earlier this year that he had grabbed his mom’s hand and his heart was still beating.

The boy was brutally hurt in an April 7 happening at his home. Archie’s mom found him unresponsive with something knotted around his neck. As per his mother, he had been attempting to participate in an online contest that triggered severe brain injury.

Archie was shifted to the hospital where he has been in loss of consciousness and kept alive on a ventilation. Medics planned an examination to confirm if he was brain stem dead and if keeping the boy on life support was in his best benefits. When Archie’s family declined the examination, the hospital trust was required to take the subject to London’s High Court.

Juries determined that the expenses of treating his ailment, along with the over-all dearth of a prospect of retrieval, surpassed the advantages of keeping him alive on a life support.

But Archie’s parents sustained to contest the legal fight demanding that they sought him to pass away at a time selected by God. They also filed an plea with The European Court of Human Rights who declined to interfere in a prolonged legal fight over the taking away of his treatment.

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The boy’s family continuously struggled that Archie’s wish would have been to continue on ventilator because of his Christian principles and earlier feelings. Archie’s family also lost a High Court appeal to have him shifted to a hospital before his life-sustaining procedure was superseded.

The judgement came after hearings at the UK’s uppermost court, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

Chief medical officer at the hospital said in a declaration that members of his household were present at Archie’s bedside and their feelings and deepest sympathies go on with the family at this tough period.

In spite of being down in the fight of keeping their lad alive, a justice defined the love of Archie’s family as a golden thread.

Archie’s mother described him as the heart of the household who shared a lovely tie with his brother and sister.

Source: Skynews

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