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It Is So Pity If You Do Not Know These 14 Secret Hidden Keyboard Combinations


Computer or laptop is one of the most popular and important items in the world to everyone. However, not many people do not know the hidden secrets insides it especially Secret Hidden Keyboard Combinations.

Many people think that the “Win” button is just for opening the “Start” menu.

Everyone must know by now that Windows is a family of operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Launched in 1985, the brand has become the most widely used software worldwide.

Magic Win key

Not everyone knows, however, that the “Win” button can be used in combination with other keys to perform certain tasks. The combinations below make it easier to work on a computer and help save some precious time. See below some 14 combinations that include the Windows button used with some other keys:

14 helpful button combinations

1. ALT + Backspace

Who hasn’t deleted a piece of text without meaning to? Well, this combination undoes the text deletion and brings back the word or sentence that was deleted so that you do not need to type everything again.


This combination allows you to see the windows currently open and navigate between them.

3. ALT + F4

This key combination was created to close a window or a program.

4. F2

F2 allows you to rename files and/or folders.


This one reopens the most recently closed tab.

6. Windows + L

This combination, as shown in the image, logs off.


Would you like to create new folder? There is nothing easier. Just press CTRL + SHIFT + N.


On Google Chrome, it opens a private browser tab.

9. CTRL + T

This combination opens a new tab in any browser.

10. CTRL + ALT + DEL

Opens the task manager or the security center, depending on the Windows version.


Opens the task manager.

12. CTRL + Esc

These keys lead you to the Direct Start Menu.

13. Windows + TAB

Allows you to see all currently open windows on your computer. Much better than the alt + tab combination seen before Windows 7.

14. ALT + TAB

Switches between browser windows.

Reason to learn

Time is an invaluable resource. So, it is of utmost importance to boost your computer skills nowadays. Learn how to use these helpful key combinations and become a professional user that knows how to save the time and work without a mouse.

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