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If You See Any Of These Symbols In Your Dreams, You Should Not Ignore Them


Your subconscious mind is really trying to tell you something.

1. Sleep Is Literally Everything

Remember when you hated taking naps as a little kid? Those times are long gone, and many of us would kill to just get a few more minutes of shut-eye. Hitting the snooze button is literally an art form.

2. Dreaming Is A Perk Of Catching Some Z’s

Whether your dreams are usually positive or riddled with nightmares, there is nothing quite like drifting off into dreamland. Have you ever wondered if there is more to your nighttime visions than simply random thoughts and ideas? You may be on to something.

3. The Topic Of Your Dream May Be Telling

Your dreams may not be simply random visions. There are some popular dreams that indicate something going on in your waking life, that you may not even be aware of. It’s about time you start taking your sleep seriously!

4. Dreaming Of A Dental Disaster

Dreaming of losing your pearly whites is not entirely uncommon, but it may mean something in your waking life is seriously stressing you out. Dreaming about your teeth rotting symbolizes that you can’t shake a sense of worry or fear. If your teeth start falling out in your dream you may need to address a new situation that is causing you extreme stress, such as a new job or problem in a relationship.

5. Waterfalls Represent A Sense Of Peace

If you find yourself faced with a tranquil waterfall while you snooze, you are entering a new, refreshing chapter of your life. Waterfalls signify that you are entering a new beginning and washing away the old. Time to embrace your positive life changes!

6. Pregnancy Is The Birth Of New Ideas

Dreaming of a bun in the oven? You could be on the cusp of a creative breakthrough. Dreams of being pregnant symbolize a positive development towards your waking goals. Keep dreaming—you may be close to a major career milestone!

7. Visits From The Grim Reaper Reveal Change

Having a dream revolved around the death of yourself or a loved one can be traumatizing, but these dreams symbolize the end of a situation, stress, or even an old idea. Your emotions are currently shifting, and your life is in for a significant change.

8. Flying Means You May Need To Spread Your Wings

Dreams of flying through the air are exhilarating, but they signify that you need an extra boost to achieve your waking goals and ambitions. You may wake up excited and ready to tackle your tasks. Seize the day!

9. Mind On My Money, Money On My Mind

Dreaming of money can tell a person a lot about how they view their self-worth and their relationship with money. Winning the lottery in your dream symbolizes a shift in your overall lifestyle whereas gifting money to someone else means you have an underlying fear of losing someone or something. Of course, having debt can cause cash dreams to become commonplace!

10. Being A Cheater In Your Sleep Signifies Desire

Although you may be tempted to appear on Maury, cheating on your significant other in your dream can signify your needs aren’t being met in the bedroom. These guilt-ridden dreams may also point to low self-esteem or a fear of abandonment. Time to express your sexual desires to your partner!

11. Avoid Getting Burnt By Addressing Any Fires

Lighting a fire in your dream means you may have repressed feelings of anger that are burning inside of you. Playing with fire symbolizes that you are partaking in some risky activities that you may want to rethink. Simply seeing flames in your dream symbolizes a need for change.

12. Your Body Is A Temple

Seeing a house in your dream represents your sense of self and different aspects of your personality. Visiting an attic in your dream—where you probably store old trinkets and valuables in your waking life—represents old memories. Rummaging around a basement represents your inner intuition. Seeing a house in your sleep may signify you need to rethink how you treat your body.

13. Wearing Your Birthday Suit In Public

Arriving at work with your private parts in full view is a common dream, and it can pinpoint a fear of being exposed—in your work or personal life. Seeing someone in the flesh can mean you lost respect for that person or you now see them for who they truly are.

14. Dreams Can Give You Much Needed Foresight

What goes on when you’re asleep can reveal a lot about your emotional state, and your mind is simply trying to interpret these feelings. The brain is working super hard to interpret these feelings for you, and your emotional wellbeing can drastically determine what kind of dreams you experience.

15. Keep A Dream Journal To Better Evaluate

Want to better understand your dreams and what they are trying to tell you? Keep track of any significant dreams or night terrors in a journal by your bedside. You can really use these nightly visions to your advantage!