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If These 2 Lines On Your Hands Meet, It Reveals Secrets About Your Personality


If these 2 lines on your hands meet, it reveals secrets about your personality

Practiced since the dawn of time, palmistry is a divinatory art that can predict the fate of men by reading the lines of a hand. Although it is not unanimous because of its belonging to the occult sciences, this practice remains interesting, even fun to learn a little more about what lies ahead.
Over time, palmistry, which only refers to decrypting lines with one hand, has developed. She gave birth to chirology which allows a deeper study of the nature of a person. This new science represents the study of both hands in their entirety. Indeed, it is based on the analysis of the lines, but also on the shape, the length of the fingers, the elasticity of the skin, the nails and all the particular characteristics of the hands.

The goal of chirology is to help men gain a better understanding of themselves. It allows them to perceive their qualities and their faults, and to detect traits of their personality. By arming themselves with this deep understanding of their inner workings, they can govern their lives and develop their potential for a successful future.

Today, we are interested in a topic that is very close to your heart: love.

With palmistry, we will introduce you to certain aspects of your personality and what it means for your future love life.

First, start by putting your hands together next to each other and turn your palms to read the lines of the heart, these are the lines that are placed at the top of your palm.

1 / If the heart line of your left hand is higher than the one on your right hand

It means that you are a caring and passionate person. You are nice and you like to share good times with your loved ones. Unfortunately, your love life seems tumultuous. You can easily walk on your feet and you trust blindly. You have to be very careful about spotting malicious partners. If you continue to engage in toxic relationships, you may become accustomed to being treated badly. You need someone who brings you good in your life and knows your intrinsic qualities.

2 / The line of your right hand is higher than that of your left hand

You are wise in nature and think very rationally. You know how to be patient before finding the right person for you. You will end up finding it, but at a very advanced age … You are much too rigid and have trouble accepting differences. Rarely satisfied, you are looking for someone who perfectly meets the standards you set. But perfection does not exist and you must expand your field of research. Be sure to reevaluate your requirements and open your heart to love.

3 / The two lines of your hands align perfectly

You are a very generous person and offer unconditional love to your loved ones. You like to be there for them at any time. Your heart is tender and pure, and you know neither pride nor malice. This naivety has often misled you and you have suffered a lot in the past. You have lost confidence in love even if you need it badly. Your sensitivity forces you to be afraid of being hurt and to be suspicious of potential partners. You are right to be on your guard, but try to be open-minded and take the time to analyze the behavior before making any judgment. Everyone does not want to hurt you and you deserve to be happy.