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How did you deal with a heartbreak?

How did you deal with a heartbreak? Did you ever lose hope before meeting your soulmate?

How did you deal with a heartbreak?
How did you deal with a heartbreak?

He broke up with me, and said, ‘I know you’re visiting me next month in New York. Feel free to come and see me as a friend, but that’s it, nothing more’.

I had a ticket in my hand to New York to meet the ex for a month from said break up date. He dumped me on the phone just days after he thought we could get engaged shortly. It sucked, but I was not stupid. I would have rather walked on hot coal than been friends with him.


But then, I had a ticket to New York! One of my favorite cities in the world. I was doing an online course from Wharton then, and I thought I’d visit the campus too, and do some networking, as it would be good for my life coaching practice.
I deleted my ex’s number, and took that flight to New York. Yes, it felt weird that there was no one to receive me from the airport. But then I told myself, ‘I know this city in and out’ and hailed an uber, and head to the hotel Columbus Circle where I always stayed when I visited.

New York was fabulous, needless to say. Then came Philly.

Do you know what happened in Philly?

I met my husband.

Yes, I met the amazing man that I am married to.


It is indeed serendipity that when you are about to give up on something, you find what you’re looking for.

I won’t lie saying I felt totally fine just after the break-up. It really sucked for a few days, and I was actually looking forward to receiving my manager’s calls where she said there was some extra work. It helped me distract. I also had my course to complete, which was another distraction.

And my parents were lovely, and so was my sister. My mother even made me laugh saying, ‘I am so glad this happened. You can now marry a human, and not a robot’

BSo put your chin up, hold your head high, and conquer the world. It is indeed your oyster.

Sindhu Satish

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