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Find Your Biggest Weakness As A Partner With This Visual Personality Test


What’s your biggest weakness as a partner when in a relationship?

Being aware of your relationship weakness can be embarrassing but it is also humbling and will only make you a better romantic partner in the long run. As they say, information changes situations.

Understanding your personality can help you deal with your relationship better by knowing your biggest relationship weakness. But how can you know what your relationship weakness is? Enter, relationship personality test.

This personality test can help you find out your secret weakness in a relationship and effectively manage your love life. When you know which particular area you need to work on, you can deliberately make efforts to improve your relationship.

What is your biggest weakness as a partner?

You don’t need to take an online personality test to realize that we all have some unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to love and relationships. All of us make mistakes in relationships. This enables us to learn and grow as partners and as human beings. Our weaknesses constantly help us take another step closer to consciously building a loving and healthy romantic relationship. It helps us become the best partner we can be.

However, identifying our own weaknesses, admitting our shortcomings and actively working on them to improve ourselves is no small feat. Being objective about our flaws & weaknesses to sustain a happy and successful relationship can be harder than we can imagine.

What is your weakness in love?

Take this visual relationship personality test

This optical illusion personality test has been effectively designed by experts and psychologists to help you determine your relationship weaknesses based on your initial observations and personality traits. This test will help you figure out the source of your personal issues in a relationship and dating, and empower you to find love based on respect, trust and lasting commitment.

Are you ready to find out your unique weakness in love and relationships with our relationship personality test?

Simply look at the image below & make a note of what element you observe first in the image.
Once you are done, scroll down and check out the detailed analysis for each element from the picture and what secrets it reveals about your personality and your weakness in relationships.

So what did you see first?

If you saw….

1. The peaceful face: You like to control your relationship

Have you noticed the peaceful face first while looking at the optical illusion image? This indicates that you are a smart and intelligent individual who always thinks a few steps ahead. You can easily analyze any situation, anticipate how others will think and cleverly plan your actions accordingly.

Although you may not necessarily be a type-A personality, you certainly feel better when things are where they belong. You like finding peace in chaos and always try your best to reduce stress. You are always willing to dedicate maximum effort to keep chaos away from your life. As you are highly organized by instinct and a detailed planner, you can make life better for yourself and your loved ones by keeping stress at bay. However, when you’re in love and navigating through the ups and downs of a relationship, you can’t always predict your partner’s behavior and you definitely cannot plan everything.

You need to let go of your desire for controlling every aspect of your life when it comes to romantic relationships. You can’t plan, manage and schedule emotions, thoughts, feelings and behavior. Not for yourself. Not for your partner. Sometimes you simply need to trust the universe and go with the flow. You need to let go of your urge to control everything and have faith in your partner. Only then will you be able to build a meaningful and loving relationship that will last a lifetime.

2. The person picking fruit: You’re overambitious about career goals

If you noticed the fruit-picking figure first when you saw the picture, then it means you are driven by goals and you’re highly ambitious about your career. Even in your childhood, you had great career ambitions and you were always motivated by these dreams. Although your career goals might have changed a number of times as you grew up and became more realistic, you are still determined to be the best in your professional field and achieve greatness through your work and performance. You refuse to accept anything less than what you think is perfect and you never fail to achieve it through your determination and hard work.

It is certainly commendable that you pursue your career goals with such focus and tenacity, but your career can certainly create cracks in your relationships if you neglect your partner for your career. A strong focus on your goals should never mean less attention to the person you love. You need to invest yourself into your relationship as much as in your work. You need to focus on improving your relationship with the same determination and gusto. When you let your partner know how much you value them, they will be your greatest support in achieving your career goals. They will cheer the loudest when you win and they will make the journey more than worth it. So make sure to remind yourself that love and relationships are as important as work and career goals, if not more.

3. The mother & the child: You rely too much on family’s opinions

Did you first notice the mother and her child when you looked at the picture above? This means that you give priority to your family and consider them the most important part of your life. When it comes to the value of your family, you can be a bit old fashioned as you embrace your family from your heart. Your identity is significantly influenced by your family and the relationship you share with them impacts almost every other aspect of your personal and professional life. Even though making your family your top priority is important and respectable, it can affect how you connect with others and build new friendships and relationships.

We can all agree that our family is a crucial part of our identity and our lives, however you also need to focus on yourself, your needs, desires, wants and dreams as well. Although you should value the opinions of your family member’s regarding your romantic partner or spouse, you shouldn’t rely on their opinions to make any important decisions. The weight of your family’s opinions should never crumble your relationship. You should accept their feedback with an open mind and then work on your relationship independently without being influenced by anyone, not even your family.

4. The flying birds: You’re an impractical daydreamer

If you looked first at the birds flying in the sky when you saw this above image, then it signifies that you are a person who is absent-minded, absorbed and easily distracted. You spend most of your time daydreaming and have your head in the clouds. You are born as a dreamer and most of the time your dreams can take you places and pursue greatness. You know this about yourself and have a certain amount of appreciation for this unique trait. You have a special gift of transforming a dull and mediocre situation into a safe, secure and wonderful environment. And you have no plans of stopping yourself from dreaming anytime soon.

As you’re a dreamer, you have a unique perspective and see the world differently from others. This is certainly a special gift and others are often attracted by how you see the world as it makes them feel better. However, your different perspective of the world can also lead to some severe disappointments in life as reality is often very different from dreams. This can be especially true when it comes to relationships and love. You may tend to believe that you have found the perfect partner and that you have a fairy tale romance, but in reality your partner and your relationship might be completely opposite of what you believe it to be.

5. The face of the man: You avoid social interactions & people

So you saw the man’s face first in the image above? Well, this means that you prefer avoiding social interactions and you feel more comfortable observing people from a distance. It could be due to your fear of being rejected or you may be shy. But this can take a toll on your friendships and relationships. Your loved ones will always find it hard to break your personal barrier and connect with you on an intimate and personal level. Although you may not want to make it hard for them, you do have a tendency to push people away.

Observing people from a safe distance can be highly informative and help you analyze the complexities of people and social interactions greatly. But it can undoubtedly affect your romantic relationships and even prevent you from meeting anyone new, like a potential date. If you truly wish to build a deep and loving relationship and want to deeply connect with your romantic partner, then you have to put down your guards and be more welcoming of people. You need to show more empathy, compassion and kindness when people approach you or you approach others. If you want to build a meaningful and lasting connection with someone special, then you need to step out of your comfort zone.