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Few people are able to find the cat among the owls in less than 20 seconds

Remember, exercising the brain is just as important as any other muscle. Of course, you use the brain regularly for work and studies, but it’s not the same. Being surrounded by timelines, responsibilities, and chores doesn’t let the mind relax and recover. Think of it this way, working is like running a marathon, and brainteasers are more like going for a light jog to build stamina.

Makes sense? On to the challenge then!

Must concentrate properly

Today’s puzzle does not involve math, history, or riddles. To solve it, you need to find a detail in an image. It may sound simple, but it’s well hidden, and if you don’t focus properly, it can slip through your sight. But if you concentrate and pay attention, you should have no issues overcoming this challenge.

Can you find the cat among the owls?

Below, you’ll see a picture filled with owls. But somewhere in the image, a cat is hiding.

Your task is to find the cat – in less than 20 seconds.

Here is the picture.

Can you see the cat? It’s not simple, but you should find it if you have an eye for detail.

If you can’t find it, worry not, you can see the answer after the picture below.

Here is the kitten

Okay, if you did not find the cat in less than 20 seconds, it’s okay. Almost everyone in America takes longer.

Here is the answer.

There it is, a happy little kitten hiding among all the owls! Not an easy find, but once you see it, it becomes quite apparent!

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