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David Beckham is reportedly set to acquire a stake in a Premier League football team.

Football legend David Beckham could potentially acquire a stake in a Premier League team, but it won’t be his former club.

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David Beckham-Old captain of Man Utd

David Beckham, who once played at Old Trafford in his legendary career, has been approached for a high-level position on the Board of Directors at Manchester United. As Qatari bank owner Sheikh Jassim expressed interest in buying the football club.

The former England captain has reached out to the Qatari individuals and is rumored to have been invited to be the “International Ambassador” if they successfully acquire Manchester United. However, Sheikh Jassim withdrew from the negotiation process. Currently, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is preparing to hold a minority stake in MU by acquiring a reported £1.3 billion worth of 25% shares.

But Beckham may return to negotiations to purchase a minority stake in another Premier League team. This is because the owner of Brentford, Matthew Benham, is willing to sell a minority stake in the club.

Beckham’s son, Romeo, is currently playing for Brentford B. The 48-year-old former football star and co-owner of Inter Miami could potentially look to acquire a stake in Brentford with family connections. It might align well with his financial capacity.

Brentford B sign David Beckham's son Romeo on short-term loan
Brentford B sign David Beckham’s son Romeo on short-term loan

Regarding Benham’s willingness to sell a minority stake, a Brentford spokesperson stated, “With the recent development and growth of the club as well as the changing landscape of shareholders in the Premier League, it’s not surprising to see interest in investment opportunities at Brentford FC. While Matthew Benham’s commitment to the club remains as strong as ever, it is natural and even perhaps necessary for us to explore new investments that may make sense for the future of Brentford. We are not standing still, and we are committed to safeguarding the long-term future of Brentford and maintaining competitiveness in the world’s most competitive league.”


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