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Choose An Animal And We Will Reveal The Darkest Aspect Of Your Personality


We are all a mix of both positive and dark characteristics.

While we are all aware of our positive side, some of our dark traits are hidden in shadow side.

Subconsciously we get attracted to what resonates with our mind. On the basis of this principle, we have compiled a fun test for you.

It is pretty simple, all you need to do is select one animal from the image below and we will reveal the dark traits of your personality based on the animal you are attracted to.

Here we go. Pick one:

Scroll down to read what the animal you chose Reveals about you:

1) Black Cat

Cats have been associated with dark arts in many cultures. There has been a reference to cats being a creature that is mid way between the world of dead and that of alive in various cultures.

In some cultures, there is a superstition that if a black cat crosses your path, then it will bring bad luck.

Despite the negative connotations, black cats also represent mystery, elegance, passive force, infinity and silence.

If you were attracted to the black cats, then it means your personality also has two sides. On one hand, you are really calm, sweet, polite and playful as a kitten, and on the other hand you can get really wild and rebellious if provoked.

2) Bear

The personality of bear represents that of “standing your grounds” – fighting for what is congruously your’s and standing solemnly in power.

The bear represents leadership, courage, optimism and majesty. As a spirit animal, bear teaches us the significance of boundaries in us and in others.

If you chose the bear, then you have a similar nature like bears. Power and position is a priority to you and at times the hunger for power might make you blind to the manipulative techniques that you might end up using to achieve it. If you are attracted to the bear, you are confident, resilient but you know your ways to get what you want but the ways are not always legitimate. You might at times misuse your power and position to your undue advantages.

3) Raven

Raven is also considered as a messenger of bad news in some cultures. But it is a lesser known fact that Ravens are pretty intelligent creatures .Also, they’re known to be very adaptable.

If you were attracted to Raven, it means you hide darkness inside you really well. You are very adaptable to situations around you.

You’re very good at seeing through pretence and you can really see people for who they are.

You do not harm people until they provoke you or hurt you first.

4) Wolf

Wolf is a dark, mysterious creature. It might come as a surprise but contrary to popular belief, wolves are extremely friendly creatures.

Infact they form emotional attachments with their group and go out in a pack.

Second characteristic that is equally surprising is that while people consider wolves to be savage and ferocious, the reality is that wolves are peace loving and have a basic aversion to fighting. They get aggressive only when they are provoked or if they encounter a situation that demands aggressiveness.

If wolf is the animal you were attracted to, then you are harmless and friendly by nature. But if you are provoked or threatened, you can get extremely brutal and ferocious.

Your friendliness and loyalty is for life, but if you are provoked, so is your rage and fury.

5) Vulture

A vulture is a scavenging bird of prey. They hunt in packs and rip off their victims mercilessly. If the first animal that caught your attention was vulture, then you may have a dark and terrifying side lying under the layers of your personality.

Vultures only attack when they need to eat, they do not intend to harm someone.

You are shrewd in your dealings with the world. You can get really ferocious but only for someone who deserves it.

6) Bat

There’s something inherently dark and mysterious about bats. They disappear during the day light and appear during the night, hanging upside down from the roofs.

If bat was your favorite animal of choice, then you have a multilayered personality.

You have your own way of looking at the world. You do not confine to the social norms. You have a dark side to your personality and it reflects in everything, your views, your behavior and even your sense of humor.

You are also a skeptic and do not trust the world easily

7) Black Panther

Black Panther is equally feared and respected in various cultures. There are stories of tribal people who worship Black Panther as they are fiercely protective. If Black Panther was your animal of choice, then you are a person of mystery and immense strength.

On one side you are ferocious and immensely skilled and on the other hand, you are immensely protective of your loved ones.

But if someone provokes you, you can get extremely brutal and rip them to pieces.

8) Black Widow

Black widows have extremely dangerous venom and they are known for their cannibalistic acts of eating their own mates.

They trap their victims in their webs, inject them with their venom, let them die and consume them mercilessly.

If black widow was your animal of choice, then you have a really dark personality. If you are provoked or pushed, you can be extremely dangerous and lethal.

You plan your attack very cunningly. First you create a false sense of security around your opponent. And once he drops his guard, you slowly start weaving your web around them and leave them with no escape.

Although you may appear calm and gentle on the outside, you can turn extremely ferocious and deadly for anyone who chooses to mess with you.