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Choose A Candle And Lets See What It Says About Your Personality


Have you learnt that colours can discover one thing new about your persona of which you had been unaware?

So select any one of many following candles and uncover one thing new about you.


Once we discuss candles, folks imagine that black solely symbolizes darkness or it’s an evil colour however these information are usually not really true. This candle helps in burning the negativity from our surrounding. It additionally protects from sickness and evil stuff. So do you continue to suppose that black is the colour of negativity or will you modify your thoughts now?


Historical foresight believes that this colour is someplace related to the third eye. Burning a purple candle improve psychological powers. One can acquire religious safety by vanishing their destructive results of unhealthy karma. So do you’re keen on this colour?


These characterize the best stage of sensibility/data. It helps in achieving safety, purification, and therapeutic. Because the white colour symbolizes peace, concord, reality, unity and so forth. people who find themselves burning these candles are invoking lunar vitality.


They characterize the first religious colour which is used for evaluating feelings and enlightens knowledge and improve the facility of sleep. Burning of this blue colour candle brings happiness by selling pleasure and laughter. Royal blue colour signifies loyalty whereas mild blue colour represents meditation which amplifies their creativity and notion.


It’s a colour of wealth and prosperity. Mild the colour of this candle if you need to heal your self within the lap of nature and want for good luck and prosperity.


The colour yellow depicts brainpower or your mental energy. The one who opts for this colour candle is not directly accumulating full advantages over their thoughts. It represents creativity, studying, focus and response of a person.

7. RED

Pink represents the colour of affection and fervour. It signifies sensual pleasures additionally sneer and braveness to face their enemies. It stimulates vitality, fertility and private energy. The one who chooses this colour straight attains love, respect, improve magnetism and survival.