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Can You Find the Right Shadow of the Tree in This Image?


Keep your mind active and agile by trying out this visual puzzle. You can add a difficulty layer by setting a time limit.

When was the last time you solved a puzzle? Probably, when you were a child, right? After all, we assume that puzzles are for kids but do you know that crosswords, which are meant for adults, are puzzles too? In fact, there is no age limit on playing games. Whether we’re playing for money or for pleasure, there are so many games to choose from and puzzles for adults are just one of them.

Visual puzzles are great for brain health. It keeps our minds agile and active. It stimulates our logical thinking and sometimes, spatial thinking too. And, they can be fun. No doubt about that. The feeling of accomplishment from arriving at the right answer or for just having tried is also a great positive reinforcement. Now that many of us are home to continue with the social distancing thanks to the pandemic, we might be bored. Puzzles are a friend when our actual friends are busy or unavailable. It’s probably been several months since you were able to meet a friend, and after cooking up a storm, cleaning, reorganizing your wardrobe, you want more to do.

If you want to try your puzzle-solving skills, here is one. Take a look at the image below and try to find the right shadow for the tree. You might have to look closely and for some time before you can reach the answer. This is a tough one, after all!

Here’s a hint: Count the number of branches to arrive at the right answer. It might be hard to find the correct one by just looking at different options. Puzzles are all about lateral thinking. They force us to look at different angles and possibilities. For some people, it might be easy to comb through all the different ways this puzzle can be solved before arriving at the right answer. Some people might like to take their time with it. There is no hurry after all but if you want to make it even more fun, share the puzzle with your friends and see how fast they were able to finish it. There’s no harm in making things a little competitive from time to time.

Here is the answer to the puzzle:

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