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Can You Find the Odd Pair in this Picture Puzzle? You’ll Need Eagle Eyes to Get

This series of five visual puzzles will truly put your eyes and brain to the test. Whether you’re in need of a break from work, are twiddling your thumbs at home with nothing better to do, or simply love a good puzzle, this challenge is for you.

In each puzzle there is one pair of sunglasses that is a little different from the rest. Are your eyes sharp enough to pick out the odd one out?

Each puzzle gradually increases in difficulty as you advance to the next, so see how many you can solve. Are you ready for this challenge?

Puzzle 1

An easy one for you to start off with. Can you identify the odd one out?

Puzzle 2

A little more challenging now with almost three times as many pairs of sunglasses as before.

Puzzle 3

It’s getting trickier this time with a grand total of 42 pairs of sunglasses, making the odd one out that much more difficult to find!

Puzzle 4

You’re fast approaching the finishing line. Perhaps your tactic is to glance at each puzzle as a whole; perhaps you prefer to work methodically, glancing at each pair of sunglasses in turn until you spot one that looks a little different.

What’s your tactic of choice?

Puzzle 5

In the final puzzle, the odd sunglasses are almost impossible to find. Will you become one of the rare few netizens to successfully identify the odd one out?
How did you do? If you found the odd one out in every single picture, then you can consider yourself one of the most keenly observant puzzlers out there!

If any odd ones out escaped you, then don’t be discouraged; for anyone and everyone needing a helping hand, we have the answers to all five puzzles posted below.

Puzzle 1: Solution

Puzzle 2: Solution

Puzzle 3: Solution

Puzzle 4: Solution

Puzzle 5: Solution