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Attentiveness Check: Which Of The Teens Is Poor?


A lot has been said about how necessary it is to train your brain. Solving riddles, doing crosswords, learning poems and tongue-twisters by heart, playing board games – all of this prevent our brain from going numb. These types of activities are like oil that lubricates a mechanism, it simply can’t work properly without it.

A clear mind is one of the foundations securing that in old age we will be just as sharp and quick-witted as we are now! Don’t forget that when you retire, life only begins, which is why it’s so crucial to take good care of your health from a young age.

Today, we offer you to get your mind off some routine issues and “tune up” your mind. We promise it won’t be boring!

Look at these 3 teenagers. Which of them is really poor?

Take your time, study every detail.

Of course, it’s №3!

To explain why exactly this teen, let’s discuss them one by one. The first teenager isn’t poor, he simply got into a fight (black eye and torn T-shirt). The second one is wearing trendy ripped jeans. And the third one is the hero of our riddle as he has torn shoes!

Tell us in the comments how fast you managed to solve the riddle. Why don’t you test your loved ones? We wonder how fast they can figure it out.