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After all, Solskjaer has been vindicated

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not need to take full responsibility for the decline of the French star.

Martial’s accusations

It’s easy to confirm that Anthony Martial is a failed contract for Manchester United, because if you count all the additional terms In addition, the Red Devils had to pay a total of about 50 million euros for the services of the French star. However, in reality, there are times when Martial has shown the image of an expensive deal, typically in the first season under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

In the 2019/20 season, Martial suddenly played with the form of a top Premier League striker, scoring 23 goals. goals and contributed 12 more assists. However, since the next season, Martial has been in decline and lost his starting position at Old Trafford. Explaining the reason why he lost his form, Martial blamed Solskjaer for letting him play in an unstable physical condition.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer approached for first job since Man Utd after Premier League -
 Martial blames Solskjaer. 

“The past two seasons, I often endured pain to compete. People don’t know it, I haven’t been able to accelerate for 4 months post-COVID. Solskjaer told me he needed me, so I played.”, Martial shared in an interview with France Football in 2022.

“With my style of play, if I can’t accelerate things will become very complicated. And I was criticized – the coach never revealed it to the media. Then I got injured, and when I came back, it was over and I couldn’t play anymore.”

“That’s very bad. I have a feeling of injustice. You’re asked to sacrifice yourself for the team, and then you’re cut from the team. To me, it’s almost a betrayal.”

Solskjaer is vindicated

Perhaps, playing in poor physical condition affected Martial’s performance, but obviously, it is not the only reason. The evidence is that under coach Ralf Rangnick and coach Erik Ten Hag, Martial continues to decline miserably, and he has never been able to recreate his explosive image in the 2019/20 season. .

Martial makes Ten Hag frustrated again -
 Martial is still in decline.

This season, Martial no longer has to endure pain to play, and at the same time does not need to constantly play like under Solskjaer, but he is still injured often and almost always plays poorly every time he has the chance. meeting on the field. Up to now, the French striker has a total of 19 appearances in all competitions, and in return, he has only scored 2 goals and contributed only 1 assist.

Now, Martial has no more excuses for his poor form, and with Man Utd no plans to activate the extension option One more year in the contract, perhaps it’s time for this striker to say goodbye to the Old Trafford team. 

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