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Why Did This Wedding Photo Go Viral?

A wedding photo went around the world after it went viral on the internet. In it we see a groom and a bride sitting next to each other, holding hands.

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Do not look at each other, the young woman cries while the man looks down. What can that mean?

Did he offend her just before the ceremony?

Did he change his mind?

Did he tell her it was announced at the last minute that she had to go to the front?

Did he confess to her about the wrong things he had done in the past?

Not at all!

Corporal Caleb Earwood wished to have a moment of prayer with his future wife before he married. The prayer was dedicated to their future marriage.

And as there is a tradition that says that the groom should not see the bride before the wedding, the two did not look at each other, just held hands. And they prayed together.

The photographer who took the photo confessed that this was one of the most emotional moments he captured in his entire career at a wedding.

The groom and the bride had, immediately after this unique and special moment, an intimate ceremony near a lake.

We hope that the prayer regarding their marriage has been heard!

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