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7 Simple Tips to Live Your Life More Intentionally


Living with intention means that you are the one in control of your own life. You focus on your own thoughts and emotions and not basing your happiness on other people’s expectations.

It’s easy to get caught up in the nonstop current of life that sometimes you lose track of yourself and your intentions. You started out knowing what you want but somewhere along the way, the map gets tangled up, and you get lost.

It could be distractions placed on your path, or societal expectations, or even your past traumas that get in the way. But you have to focus on your intentions and reevaluate what is right for you and what is not aligning with who you want to be.

Here are 7 tips on how to live your life true to yourself.


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7 Simple Tips to Live Your Life More Intentionally

1. Plan and prioritize you day with full intention

People often ignore how important it is to plan your day before you actually get into work. Without a proper to-do list, we can get lost in the sea of seemingly trivia, not being able to pinpoint what to do first. Knowing your task priority can help you save time and energy.

Also the act of knowing what is ahead is also very reassuring and gives your day a purpose.

There are many to-do-list guides out there, but my personal favorite is that of Ali Abdaal. He suggests that we should decide on a “Highlight of the day”, a single task you HAVE TO get done that day. Then he’ll have a to-do-list of other things he needs to do, arranged in the order of priority.


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2. Be mindful about your media consumption

Entertainment space like Netflix or TV, or social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter were born to serve humans in a positive way. Surely when you are consuming these contents mindfully, you can actually learn a lot. From getting design inspo from your favorite film, or seeing different perspectives on serious problems through online arguments.

But when you just mindlessly scroll through your feed, trying to kill time, you are actually doing yourself more harm than good. Time is one of the most expensive assets that we have. When you waste it on mindless media consumption, our life becomes less purposeful.

You can find studies on different things that can help you live better. Intentionally choose content that’s uplifting and helpful to you.


3. Be kind!

Life is tough sometimes, and you get angry. Aggression and pettiness prevent you from doing nice things to people. It actually takes effort to be kind. So when you choose kindness, it reflects an intentional decision about the kind of person you strive to be.

Make acts of kindness, no matter big or small, to those around you everyday. And appreciate the kindness that comes your way.


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4. Choose happiness

Happiness is often considered the end goal of one’s life. But these days, we are often encouraged to hustle and be successful, sometimes at the cost of their own happiness.

Happiness is a choice. And by choosing to do things that make you happy, you are living your life with intention. And it doesn’t have to be anything so major or life changing. Just a cup of coffee and a book of choice is enough.

5. Practice self-reflection

The best thing to do when you are stuck is to meditate and reevaluate your true intentions. Most of the time, the answers are already within you. All you need to do is to practice self-reflection. Think about your surroundings and how you feel about the things that you do. Are they aligned with your vision? Do you have your priorities straight?

Once you have the answers, think about how you can adjust the things that are not right for you. Knowing yourself and understanding what can be done is the ultimatum of intentional living.


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6. Self-care all the way!

Self-care is self love. You can have all the love, success and money in the world, but if you don’t feel good mentally and physically, you cannot enjoy any of it.

Happiness, as we talked about before, is a choice. But when you don’t feel your best, you can’t live your best. So choosing to be happy means that you have to take care of yourself. And that includes your body, your mind and soul.


7. Speak your mind

We keep a lot of things to ourselves to keep peace. But they can weigh you down as they pile up. When your mind is so full of pettiness, it’s hard to focus on your work.

So next time someone says something that bothers you, address it at the spot. Don’t let it build up inside of you. It might be hard at first, thinking that you can upset someone. But if that person really cares about you, they will have to understand your boundaries.


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