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50 Things In Our Lives To Be Grateful For Today


When you get stuck in your routine, you tend to ignore the little things. But sometimes, those little things are what make your life worth living. Being able to notice and be grateful for these things will give you perspectives and make you feel happier and more content in life.

Down here is a list of 50 things you might have taken for granted each day. Give them the appreciation they deserve, because they do make your days that much better.


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50 Things In Our Lives To Be Grateful For Today


1. Mental health: We can’t live life to the furthest when we don’t have our peace of mind. Have you ever stopped to appreciate it?

2. Friends: Good friends are always there for you. They lift you up when you’re down, share with you the happiest moments of your life.

3. Traveling: Oh how we have taken our days of traveling freely for granted. When the world is once again safe, make the most of it!

4. Coffee: Researchers can say what they want about the effects of coffee, but it might be the only thing that keeps you sane in the early hours of the morning.

5. New beginnings: It’s never too late to start anew. Here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings.

6. Feelings: It is in the dark moments of burnout and depression that we truly understand the importance of feelings. Express how you feel, don’t hold back!

7. Teachers: Be grateful for anyone that teaches you lessons, no matter good or bad. These lessons shape who you are and help you grow.

8. Oceans: The oceans have a mysterious power to heal and make us reflect.

9. Parents: Sometimes we don’t show enough gratitude to those that gave us life. They brought us up and will always be there for us despite everything.

10. First kiss: One never forgets a first kiss. How was yours?


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11. First love: They say first love is the hardest one to forget. Was your first love your high school sweetheart or the soulmate that got away?

12. Romantic affection: This is the feeling that drives us, creates butterflies in our stomachs and makes us feel alive.

13. Soulmates: Not everyone is lucky enough to have a soulmate. But when you do, you are blessed with the wholesomeness and understanding like nothing else.

14. Birthdays: Some of us stop counting numbers at a certain point. But remember, your age shows how much you have grown and the journeys you have passed. Be grateful for each birthday you still get to have.

15. Pets: Our furry friends can never get too much love! Aren’t they just the most precious thing ever!

16. Sunshine: There’s no better feeling than basking in the sunlights!

17. Food: An age-old question: Do we eat to live, or live to eat?

18. Hot tea: On cold winter days, hot tea is a great life saver!

19. Scented candles: Aroma therapy does work, and scented candles extra hard!

20. Desserts: Let’s send some loving energy to all the people who invented desserts. They surely deserve it!


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21. Bath bombs: Looks good, smells good, helps wash your stress away. What’s not to love?

22. Habit trackers: Heaven knows where we will be in our productivity journey without the trusty habit trackers.

23. Elevators: They don’t seem all that important, until you live or work on high floors.

24. Netflix: I here announce Netflix a best friend status, as it has helped me through rough lock-down phases.

25. Plants and trees: Trees are our friends and we need them so climate change won’t get worse. Go hug a tree!

26. Smiles: People who smile often are more likely to lead a happy life.

27. Warm hugs: Hugs are actually scientifically proven to have great health benefits.

28. Deep conversations: Deep talks help us connect with each other better and they also open us up to parts of ourselves that we don’t otherwise access.

29. All people who you cross paths with: Not everyone comes into your life to stay. Some are just passing by so that you can learn something and become a better version of yourself. Be grateful for every person you were blessed to meet!

30. Jobs: Only a few of us like our job. But whether we like it or not, we need it to survive. So cheers to employment!


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31. Hobbies: Hobbies are a great way to destress. It can also be our creativity outlet.

32. True love: Nothing hurts more than true love, and also nothing is more worthy of all that pain. It’s a blessing and a curse.

33. Dark nights: Let’s be thankful for every dark night as it makes us appreciate the morning that always comes after it!

34. Road trips: When feeling stuck, road trips are your trusty companion.

35. Growth mindset: Believe in your ability to learn and be a better version of yourself. Don’t carry a fixed mindset.

36. Adventures: Life is so much better when you challenge yourself. Adventures make life more exciting and challenging.

37. Fitness: Being in good shape makes you feel better mentally as well.

38. Clean water: If you had access to clean drinking water today, you are already blessed!

39. Technology and Internet: Just imagine our lives without the internet. Unthinkable!

40. Books: Books are medicine for the soul. What are your favorite books?


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41. Sunsets: The light is extra beautiful at sunset. Indeed the ‘golden’ hours.

42. Mornings: Every morning is a fresh start. How productive your day can be is largely influenced by how you start your day.

43. Seasons: All seasons have something unique to offer us. The sapling spring, the energizing summer, the tranquil fall and the cozy winter.

44. Showers: No one likes to get wet. But we can’t have rainbows without a little rain.

45. Positive affirmations. We have the power to change our reality and affirmations make it easier to start. You can affirm wealth, good health, and even find friendship or your soulmate if you do it right.

46. Social media: If used right, social media can give us so many great things.

47. Your bed: When in doubt, just go to bed!

48. Roof above your head: This is one of those basic things we often take for granted.

49. Mindfulness: The movement of being in the present moment more wasn’t even a thing a few decades ago.

50. Ability to heal: All things shall pass, and all scars shall heal. Be grateful for the knowledge that no matter how deeply you are scarred, your resilience will always get you through.


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