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5 things to know about Eric Dier – Bayern’s rookie

Let’s take a look at 5 interesting things about the Bavarian Gray Tigers’ rookie Dier during the winter transfer period.

1) Football runs in the family

Dier is not the first footballer in his family. Eric’s grandfather, Ted Croker, not only played professionally for London club Charlton Athletic but was also a successful administrator. He served as secretary of the Football Association from 1973 to 1989 and was Chairman of Cheltenham Town, Dier’s home club.

Not only that, he is also the great nephew of Peter Croker, Ted Croker’s brother. He also played for Charlton and was at the club when they won the 1946 FA Cup final, although Peter missed the match through injury. Both Crokers brothers played in defence, where Dier also developed his career.

Dier was seven when his parents and five siblings moved to Portugal. He was quickly scouted by Lisbon giants Sporting to join their academy. There, Dier was taught “a very relaxed approach to football,” he told The Guardian . “They pride themselves on raising you as a polite and respectful person. They will never get angry with you if you miss a pass but they will if you disrespect someone. There was no scolding. I hear a lot of that in England.”

Dier soon discovered his style, moving on loan to Everton just before his 17th birthday. The midfielder said in the same interview: “For me, if you speak 50% Portuguese and 50% English, it’s really the perfect combination .

3) Friends reunite

Dier becomes the fourth English player to sign for Bayern Munich and is the second in six months to move from Tottenham Hotspur. That was after Harry Kane joining the reigning champions Germany, where he set a starting record by scoring 21 goals in his first 15 Bundesliga appearances.

Friends reunite.

The pair are friends and have played in 360 matches together for both club and country. Dier’s move to Spurs just before the 2014/15 season coincided with Kane’s breakthrough year in north London, and they will now reunite at the Allianz Arena.

4) A philanthropist…

Dier is well known for his work off the field, supporting charities in a variety of ways in recent years. While at Tottenham, he worked closely with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and almost immediately immersed himself in community projects.

The player became a Sported ambassador in 2020. Here, Dier has supported a number of initiatives, including visiting and speaking out on behalf of academies to combat gang involvement and the cost of living crisis in the UK.

5) … and an entrepreneur

In addition to being a professional soccer player and a philanthropist, Dier is also the co-founder of two tech startups. He launched Spotlas in 2019, a social media platform that Forbes describes as “something of a cross between Instagram and Trip Advisor.”

Dier and his brother launched their second venture in July 2022, with the release of Yellow Building. In Lisbon, Dier was even on stage to announce this innovative digital app.

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