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5 Signs That You Are On Your Way To Emotional Healing

Emotional trauma is probably no stranger to us all. There are times we are just so vulnerable that we want to run away from everything.

It could be a heartbreak, or trauma from abuse or workplace bullying. No matter what the cause, the aftermath is universal: anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, crippling low self-esteem, etc.

These things are not going to go away so easily and more often than not. You will find yourself having to battle them for a long time. Emotional trauma calls for emotional healing. And healing is what you need to get out of your dark place.

But if healing often takes a long time, how can you know that it is taking place or if you are making any progress? The journey of emotional healing can be a confusing one, but there are telltale signs to show you that you’re doing just fine.

5 Signs That You Are Healing Emotionally

1. You Allow Yourself To Feel Your Emotions

Emotional drainage is often experienced by people who are in survival mode, as emotions are just too hard to process when you’re in pain. There are things you would like to be buried inside of you and your brain helps you achieve that by not letting emotions show.

At one point, you will start to feel things again, this is the beginning of your healing process. At first, you may only feel either positive or negative feelings. As your recovery progresses, you will start experiencing both spectrums of emotions,. This is when you are whole again.

The beginning of your recovery can feel uncomfortable as you are so used to suppressing your emotions. But after a while, you will see the value of being able to feel and enjoy things again. So next time you feel happy for no reason, know that you are on your way to heal.

2. You Realize That Healing Is Not Linear

A common misconception of healing is that once you are out of your dark place, you’re safe. It is because of this that when things get worse for you. You start to panic, thinking that you have not made any progress at all.

This is not true. Healing is not a linear journey, there will be ups and downs along the way. One day you can feel like you are fully healed and well, the next, not so much.

So rest assured that even if dark clouds appear on the horizon, as long as you are making an effort toward the right direction, you will be okay.


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3. You Begin To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you are in a negative headspace, you tend to shut yourself from the world as a coping mechanism. This phase will last as long as you are still not ready to heal.

But once you are out of that phase, you will start having the urge to accept invitations, going out and socializing again. And it doesn’t stop there, the healing process will develop in you a sort of courage. This courage can help you get over the things that you used to find intimidating, things like public speaking, or learn new skills or even ask for that promotion at work.

This newfound confidence is the key for you to rediscover your self worth which is an important part of the healing process.


4. You understand that the “bad days” won’t last forever

We all have bad days, as life is a constant wave of ups and downs, success and failure. If you are suffering emotionally, it’s easy to be let down. At times, disappointment can hit you like a truck and you can spend days crying over that one bad day.

But when healing starts to take effect, you process things a little better. What used to bring you down for a long time, now you can process in only a few hours or less. Or maybe, it’s still hard all the same, but you acknowledge that it will pass and this negative phase won’t last forever.

When you start to find hope again, it means you’re on your way to healing.

5. You start to feel grateful

It’s easy to overlook the good things in life when you’re in your dark place. You avoid looking too closely into anything for fear of being let down. So as a result, you miss out on the bright side of life most of the time.

But once you notice the positivity, and better yet, embrace them, you know things are looking up for you. From the fresh air on your walk around the block, or that delicious cup of coffee, or your friends being there on the group chat, you start to appreciate the little things in life.

And not just the good things, but the past that you were so keen on burying is now no longer a burden, and better yet, you start to embrace it as well. You will realize that the past can not determine your future. It can teach you lessons but your future is the result of what you do now. As long as you see the past as it is, a learning experience, then you will be able to appreciate it and grow from it.


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