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43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows

Life is not just a smooth road, there is not all love and everyone is successful. There are dark sides in life that you may not realize until the end of your life. These are 43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows.

43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows

1. Never tell people 100%, tell them 70% about yourself, and 30% should be hidden.

2. Anyone you love can die. Any time. Cherish them.

3. Fairness is unnatural. Nothing is 100% fair.

4. Live life the way you want to live it. Because even people who care for you can’t be with you every step of the way.

5. People only want to hear the good, not the bad. So if you have issues, it’ll be hard to find people to confide in.

6. Respect yourself, because people can see if you don’t.

7. Everyone has a mask and they play different ones to different people. Lovers, families, coworkers…you’ll be surprised how different people can be in different social contexts.


43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows 1
43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows

9. It doesn’t matter how good your grades are, because grades aren’t everything and people pay more attention to your social skills. Grades only take you halfway.

10. Once you hurt someone, they’re not likely to forget. They will always remember how much you’ve hurt them. One negligible action can have devastating consequences.

11. Appearances DO matter. We live in a condemnatory, judgmental world. Your family, friends, coworkers, bosses will judge you for your actions to some extent which brings me to make this conclusion.


12. It is impossible to please everyone. There will ALWAYS be someone who disagrees with you, and frankly, you’re not living life if you don’t have enemies. Better be someone with your own thoughts and opinions than a people pleaser.

13. No one is happy with your success, except your family.

14. Love is a myth. Without reason, no one is your friend.

15. The only people that love you without any expectations are your parents.

16. Everyone has a role in your life and when their role ends, they will leave you. So be strong.

17. Money has a strong place in everyone’s life, but unfortunately, it cannot buy you everything.

18. Laugh with everyone, but trust none.

43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows 2
43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows

19. People say speak the truth but in reality, no one wants to hear it.

20. No one gives a shit about what you think or what you do, it is only your perspective that they think about you.

21. Expectation always hurts. So expect less or no expectation from others.

22. Never ever sacrifice your happiness for someone else.

23. The fewer people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with.

24. Living a simple life gives you more time for important things.

25. The sooner you learn to live alone, the sooner you understand the meaning of life. You are your best friend.


26. Never ever reveal your secret to anyone.

27. The person who cares less has the most power in a relationship.

28. No one will ever be able to make you feel loved unless you love yourself.

29. You can’t change others.

30. No matter how hot you find someone, you’ll get used to their appearance faster than you like.

31. The cute little quirks of today can be the soul-crushing flaws of tomorrow.

32. We will all eventually become old and unattractive in the eyes of society.

33. Often, the less you care about a particular woman, the easier it is to end up with her.

34. Both sexes are easy to manipulate with the same principles that marketers use to sell us crap – scarcity, commitment, reciprocity, authority, social proof, and liking.

43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows
43 Dark Lessons About Life Not Everyone Knows

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35. Men will never know how it feels to be a woman and vice versa.

36. You can love your partner till death and still want to sleep with others.

37. You can’t always get what (who) you want.

38. Love, dating, and relationship can’t be “figured out” logically. They require empathy, vulnerability, and honesty.

39. Emotions change all the time. It’s possible to think you love someone with all your heart, but then one day you sober up and find out you truly don’t.

40. When in love, everyone becomes an idiot.

41. “Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man who’s tired of sleeping with her.”

42. The higher you set the expectations from the beginning, the harder it will be to maintain the relationship. E.g., Send your girlfriend flowers every day and it will be cute for the first three days, cheesy after that, then awkward, and finally unbearable.

43. The opposite of well is well-meaning.

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