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40 Positive New Year Affirmations For An Amazing 2022

Affirmations are self-encouraging statements that you say to yourself repeatedly. When you repeat these positive words to yourself over and over again, it creates connections in your brain that keep you on the positive path and steer you from having negative thoughts.

Positive affirmations have the power to make you feel better, strengthen your self-esteem, help you overcome negative thoughts and fears, promote self-love and attract love, friendship and success into your life. There are a lot of things that these simple phrases can do when being done right. And in time, you will find yourself achieving what you have set out on your affirmations.

And what better time than at the very beginning of the year to start speaking words of affirmation into reality? Here are some New Year’s affirmations for a great 2022!


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Affirmations to End 2021 Strong


“I am grateful for everything I learned this year.”

“Every dream of mine that didn’t come true in 2021 will definitely happen next year.”

“I am thankful for each positive experience I had and each nice person I met in 2021.”

“When I review this year, I don’t feel sad. I see plenty of opportunities for improvement and create a plan for myself to implement next year.”

“I am ready to be my best self in 2022!”

“I release all the negative emotions from this year and let go of everything bad that happened in the past.”

“I know my priorities for the future and I’m ready to stay on track with everything I start.”

“I forgive everyone who hurt me in the past and I open my heart to love.”

“I learned a ton this year and I’ll put all this knowledge into action in 2022.”

“I can still finish some of the little tasks and not pull them into a new year with me.”


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Welcome 2022 With These Positive Affirmations



“When I say “Happy New Year!”, I know this year is gonna be the happiest.”

“2022 is a year of wonderful surprises, good decisions, and creative solutions.”

“I am creating financial abundance, a healthy body, and positive relationships in 2022.”

“I expect lots of positive memories to be created this year.”

“I am the creator of my own happiness. I’m ready to take responsibility and do what it takes to start living my dream life.”

“2022 is gonna be absolutely amazing for me!”

“2022 is a year of positive change, and I welcome it with open arms.”

“I’m going to take consistent action over the course of the year to achieve desired results.”

“I am powerful. I am consistent. I am strong. I am open-minded. I am in control.”

“I’m going to only focus on things I can control and let go of worry about the rest.”



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Get Your New Year’s Resolutions To Stick With These Affirmations



“I will be extremely responsible with my New Year’s resolutions this year!”

“Even if I lose sight of my dreams, I’ll get back on track quickly because I know why I want to achieve this.”

“I have the power to achieve every goal I come up with.”

“I am capable of achieving everything I want and becoming whoever I want in 2022.”

“I am prepared to be consistent with my daily tasks so I can stick to my resolutions all year long.”

“This year I’m gonna be strong, determined, and focused on my goals no matter what.”

“I will have enough motivation every day in 2022 to stay on track with my New Year’s resolutions.”

“I am in alignment with my goals and dreams and I will work hard according to my plan for the new year.”

“I accept that I’m responsible for my own happiness. I am in charge of my decisions and actions, and I focus on building a happy life for myself and my loved ones.”

“I trust the Universe to improve my life in 2022 and I’ll take any inspired action necessary to make it happen.”


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Use These Affirmations to Create A Fresh Start For The New Year



“I deserve a clean slate in 2022 and I am ready to start fresh!”

“I am thrilled about all the new opportunities that will open for me in 2022.”

“I have the right to start over in 2022. And this time I’m bound to succeed!”

“I am a beautiful person and beautiful things will happen for me in 2022.”

“In 2022 I’m going to commit to my dream and finally start this thing I always wanted to do.”

“I am open to wonderful possibilities to flow my way in 2022.”

“It’s easy for me to stick to every new thing I decide to start.”

“I am freeing myself of all the anxiety and negative thinking and shifting to a positive mindset.”

“I welcome peace, harmony, and calmness in my 2022 life.”

“Everything I start in the new year will be successful.”


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