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30 Bittersweet Quotes for Chocolate Lovers

When in doubt, have some chocolate. Even when you have no doubt, have some chocolate anyway, as there is no wrong time for chocolate. You eat this delightful sweet when you are sad, heartbroken, in pain or angry, or even when you are happy. It’s like it has the superpower to turn every moment better, good or bad.

If you’re like us and you just can’t live without this delicious treat, here are some amazing chocolate quotes, each of which will multiply your love for chocolate.


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30 Bittersweet Quotes for Chocolate Lovers


1. If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.

2. After about 20 years of marriage, I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of what women want. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.
– Mel Gibson

3. The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare… neither knew chocolate.
– Sandra Boynton

4. Your career is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the person you are today.
– Nick Carter

5. Nothing is as alluring as a piece of chocolate you can’t have.
– Nina Sandmann

6. Life is like a chocolate, sometimes you deal with the nuts.

7. Wanna be always happy? Always carry some chocolate with you .
– Pablo

8. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment.

9.Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.
– Dave Barry

10. What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?
– Cassandra Clare

11. Romance is quite an overblown word. This idea of chocolates and champagne and that’s it.
– Joanna Lumley 


12. Chocolate says I’m sorry so much better than words.
– Rachel Vincent

13. There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.

14. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
– Regina Brett

15. There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.
– Linda Grayson

16. When we don’t have the words chocolate can speak volumes.
– Joan Bauer

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17. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
– Charles M. Schulz

18. Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate.
– John Milton

19. Don’t think that chocolate is a substitute for love! Love is a substitute for chocolate.
– Miranda Ingram

20. Once we hit forty, women only have about four taste buds left: one for vodka, one for wine, one for cheese, and one for chocolate.
– Gina Barreca


21. Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree that makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad.

22. I’m pretty sure that eating chocolate keeps wrinkles away because I have never seen a 10 year old with a Hershey bar and crows feet.
– Amy Neftzger

23. Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

24. Chocolate is so intense and pure it should be named an element and given a spot on the periodic table. It would be Ch, which isn’t even taken.
― Laini Taylor

25. I pray. I meditate. I eat chocolate. I dance.
– Elizabeth Perkins

26. Chocolate makes everyone happy. Sharing chocolates with others is a form of communication which says, You can share all your sweet and dark secrets with me.
– Ruchi Prabhu

27. Put ‘eat chocolate’ on the list of to do things today. That way at least you’ll get one thing done.

28. Every now and then, I’ll run into someone who claims not to like chocolate… I think something is wrong with them.


Money can’t buy happiness. But, it can buy a chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing.

― Hanako Ishii


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