15 Things You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

In a romantic relationship, problems that lead to conflicts are inevitable. The important thing is that both of you work together to find a solution that can strengthen the relationship. Besides, there are some problems in the relationship that you should not tolerate in order to avoid hurting yourself. Here are 19 things that you shouldn’t compromise on in a relationship.

1. He wants to control you

If you feel like they’re trying to control whatever you do or are asking you to change it to suit their wishes, you should consider it. Because this is behavior that negatively affects your lifestyle and psychology.

2. They have signs of using gaslight on you

“Gaslighting” is a common trait in controlling the other person in a relationship. They will try to convince you that your point of view is unreasonable or baseless, thereby easily breaking your beliefs and feelings.

3. Abusive behavior

High-frequency and planned controlling behavior can lead to an abusive relationship, either through emotional or verbal abuse. Some typical signs of this are: they start to criticize you, make fun of you to those around you, lower your worth and irritate you when you try to explain your problems to them. body… All of these are unacceptable in a romantic relationship. So you should contact a therapist or a counselor to help you get out of this abuse and leave the relationship as soon as possible.

4. Violent behavior

A more recognizable sign of emotional abuse, physical abuse is when the other person is willing to physically touch you and hurt you with violence. First, you need to realize that this person has absolutely no respect for you or your body, so isolate them immediately if you have just been attacked by them. Staying in a physically abusive relationship for a long time can lead to depression, despair, and total loss of confidence. Contact relatives, friends or the police if you need help.

5. They force you even if you don’t want to

Whether you’re in a relationship or even married, that doesn’t mean non-consensual s** is acceptable.

If your partner or spouse coerces you, the relationship is abusive, unhealthy, and unsafe. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you should seek outside help and the police if it is serious.

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6. You don’t feel good about yourself when you’re around them

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is that both partners feel comfortable and alone around each other. So if you feel bad about yourself and don’t deserve them, it could be a signal of problems in this relationship. Maybe the person said things that made you feel less confident in yourself, and this shows that they are not being nice to you.

7. They have the behavior of isolating you

If your lover tries to control every connection around you, from colleagues, friends to family, this is an alarming sign. Freedom is a necessity in life as well as in any healthy relationship. Therefore, trying to isolate you from your loved ones and hobbies shows that they are trying to assert dominance and control in love.

You may try to find many excuses for this behavior, but that doesn’t avoid the fact that they have a bad personality and are deliberately manipulative. Your personal relationships and lifestyle are what matters, so if they try to keep you out of contact with the people around you, you should reconsider the relationship.

8. They force you to change

They force you to give up hobbies, change your personality, other important aspects … in your life. A person who truly loves you will be supportive of your relationships and interests, and they will push you to stay special because they want to see you happy.

9. Your body subconsciously avoids them

Have you ever noticed that your body is tense and everything becomes suffocating around that person? That could be a warning sign to you about this relationship. When you are suffering from stress, depression or some kind of anxiety… your body will instinctively react to suffering and tell you that you really don’t feel good.

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10. They deny all your experiences

If you have experienced bad things in the past or you are facing difficult situations in your life but your partner ignores those experiences. They don’t show sympathy, deny you. They really are not the right person for you.

11. They judge you

Being judged is not a pleasant thing, especially when the person who judges you is someone you love. Criticism will definitely hurt you and show that they are not really respectful and kind.

12. They don’t respect your privacy

Does your lover ever joke about painful things in your past? Do they talk about their ex in a way that makes you uncomfortable? Or share your personal information with others despite your objections? These are the things that show that they have gone beyond personal privacy and disrespected the basics of the relationship. Especially if you’ve set boundaries with this person but they continue to act like this, that’s toxic behavior that you definitely shouldn’t tolerate.

13. They don’t want to make your relationship public

Once you and your partner have decided to enter into a serious relationship, it’s not a shameful secret to keep (except that you both have your own reasons for keeping the relationship a secret). Maybe you are introverted or don’t like to share too much on social media, but the minimum is that you deserve to be recognized by their friends and family. If they are determined to hide you from everyone around, you should ask if this person really values ​​you or is he hiding something from you?

Try talking to them and listening to their feelings to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, then you need to determine your position in their hearts. But if you continue to feel insecure, you need to remember that no matter the reason, you deserve to be with someone who respects and is proud of you.

14. They denigrate your dreams

It’s hard to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to see you succeed. In a romantic relationship, they should offer constructive suggestions instead of criticizing and disparaging you. Especially if your friend is nurturing some big dream, but they constantly mock and think you can’t do it. You should leave this relationship because surely they are only trying to lower your value and get in your way.

15. They know they hurt you but don’t regret it

Even in healthy relationships, sometimes one person will hurt the other – be it unintentionally, by slip-up in a heated argument, or by nasty criticism. However, a person who cares about you will be aware of when they hurt you and will take the initiative to admit fault and change themselves. On the other hand, if the other person shows no remorse or does any act of repentance after hurting you, this is a sign that you are in a less healthy relationship.

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