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10 Things You Should Tell Your Parents Before It’s Too Late


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1. I love you.

We tell our boyfriend, girlfriend, even friends that we love them every day. However, we don’t do the same with our parents. Moreover, we might even snap and say things that hurt their feelings as we lose our patience: “Mom, I don’t have time for this, stop nagging me!”, “Can you get to the point? I’m busy!” “You’re so forgetful, what’s wrong with you?”

2. I’m sorry.

We often hurt our parents’ feelings, and it’s not because we want them to suffer. We’re under a lot of stress, we’re exhausted, very busy, and we sometimes just snap. Seeing them grow old annoys us. They don’t walk as fast, talk as fast, they often forget things, or simply can’t understand you, as they haven’t kept up with technology. They understand and forgive you, you know. But saying you’re sorry will make you feel better.

3. I am grateful.

All parents make sacrifices for their children, whether we realize it or not. Some may not even realize the things parents had given up for them. The last piece of food in the fridge, career, dreams. So, make sure you tell your parents that you’re grateful before it’s too late.

4. You are forgiven.

All parents make mistakes. If you’re already a parent, you have and you still will in the future. If you’re not a parent yet, well, you will. There’s no such thing as perfect parents, because we’re human, in the first place. Some parents make mistakes that can’t be forgiven, sadly. But most can, and they might need to hear that you’re not holding them responsible, that you love them, understand, and have put things behind you.

5. I’ve learned so much from you.

You can be 1000 years old, if you have a parent who’s still around, they will give you advice, and try to teach you to do things. They have done it all their lives, and they can’t stop being parents. Sometimes you might feel they’re nagging, or being too pushy, but in their eyes, you still are a child. So, instead of snapping at them and saying “Oh my god, stop telling me what to do!!”, try telling them how grateful you are for everything they’ve taught you.

6. I need you.

As we grow up, we become more and more independent, and we need our parents’ guidance less and less. However, we never stop needing them, even if they might feel that way sometimes. Make sure you remind your parents that you still need them, because you love them, because they always give the best advice, because they make great grandparents, and because they’re the first to come to your rescue when you need help.

7. Thank you.

And for everything they do for you, make sure you thank them. Sure, you are their child, and as parents, it’s natural they care for you. But don’t take them for granted. There are so many parents who did and do less for their children. All parents need to hear that their kids appreciate their efforts. So, make sure you let them know how you feel.

8. You did your best.

“I wish I could have given you more”, “If only I could’ve sent you to a better school”, “I wasn’t there enough” are things parents often say. As they grow older they ask themselves if they could’ve raised you differently, if they could’ve done more. Maybe they could have and should have, but they really did their best. And they should hear it.

9. You mean the world to me.

Let your parents know they matter to you. Tell that they mean a lot, that their opinion counts, and that you care about their feelings. Because they really do matter, even if we sometimes forget to verbalize it.

10. I have all the time in the world for you.

Our parents thought us to walk, talk, eat by ourselves, and they did it with all the patience in the world. They didn’t postpone feeding us because they were late to meet their friends. They didn’t put off potty training because they had to see a movie at the mall. So, now, as they might need you to hold their hand as they go for a walk, make sure you give them all your patience and time. And be there, without making them feel bad about wasting your time. Make sure they know you have all the time they need.