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10+ Effective Methods to Fight a Double Chin That Are Worth Trying


Eating right and being physically active are a few examples of good habits that can help your body stay fit and young. But this is also true for our facial muscles which tend to lose their firmness as we age.

A double chin is a skin-fat fold that appears in the area of the lower jaw. This issue gives the face an unhealthy look of puffiness, heaviness, and a visual deformation of the facial proportions.

The good news is that the issue is solvable — a massage, physical exercises, and home and salon procedures can help get rid of this flaw.

Even young and slim girls can get a double chin. That’s why we decided to find out why it happens and how to fight this imperfection. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will help hide a double chin.

Why does this stubborn double chin appear?

  • Age

Women aged 45+ are in the risk zone. At this age, the skin loses its elasticity significantly resulting in a deformation of the face’s oval. This process is called gravitational ptosis.

  • A drastic change in weight

A drastic gain of the body’s weight, as well as a sharp weight loss, can lead to formations of skin folds.

  • Unbalanced nutrition
  • Heredity

If you inherited a jaw structure from your parents where the angle between the neckline and the chin is small, then it’s likely that you’ll encounter the issue of a double chin.

  • Everyday bad habits

The most common one is the habit of slouching and holding the head down for a long time (for example, when using a smartphone).

  • Sleep disorders

Not only do high and soft pillows cause bad sleep but they are also the reason for the appearance of the double chin.

  • Pregnancy

Warming up the muscles

Just like before any other workout, you’ll want to warm up your facial muscles.

For this purpose, move your lower jaw forward and backward and then side to side. All movements should be performed slowly and smoothly without sudden jerks. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

1. The scoop

Open your mouth, and roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth. Imagine that you need to scoop water with your lower jaw. Move your head down in a scooping motion, and close your mouth while lifting your head.

While performing this exercise make sure that the corners of your lips are completely relaxed. Repeat 5-7 times.

2. Touch your nose

A double chin is also associated with weakness of the hyoid muscles. That is why they also need to be strengthened.

Stick out your tongue as far as possible, and try to reach your nose with the tip of your tongue. Keep your lips relaxed. Repeat 5 times.

3. The perfect oval face

If you want to return the shape of your face to a younger look and pull your cheeks up, do the following exercise: turn your head to the left, and pull your lower jaw forward, straining the muscles of your neck. You should feel the muscles on the left of your neck stretching. Then turn your head to the right and do the same movement. Repeat 5 times on each side.

4. “Kiss the giraffe”

Imagine you need to kiss a giraffe (or someone who is very tall).

Lift your face up, and look at the ceiling. Slightly bring your lower jaw forward, and pucker your lips as if you are going to kiss someone. If you are performing the exercise correctly, you should feel a strong tension in your neck. Hold the position for 5 to 8 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times.

5. Resistance

For this exercise, you need to make two fists and place them directly under your chin. Then begin to move your lower jaw slightly down on your fists, and strain your muscles while overcoming the resistance. The pressing force should gradually increase. When you reach maximum resistance, hold for 3 seconds. Then relax, and repeat the exercise 5-7 times.

6. Smile

Clench your teeth with your mouth closed, and try to stretch the corners of your lips as wide as possible. Now push your tongue against your hard palate, gradually increasing the pressing force. If you feel a strong tension in your chin muscles, then you have performed the exercise correctly. Hold this feeling of tension for 5 seconds, and then relax for 3 seconds. Repeat 5-8 times.

7. Puffy cheeks

Inhale deeply with your mouth, and fill it with air. Close your mouth, and puff up your cheeks. Now press your palms on your cheeks so that you feel tension in your muscles. Hold for 3-5 seconds, then release the air and relax. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Source : Brightside